Culver Town Council Reviews East Shore Corporation Contract

The Culver Town Council members reviewed a contract with the East Shore Corporation this week.

East Shore Corporation officials are looking to hook a force main to the town’s Wastewater Treatment Facility system at the northwest connection to treat the waste from the estimated 100 homes in the area.  A wetland disbursement system utilized by those residents failed last year.

Culver Town Attorney Jim Clevenger gave the basic information of the contract during Tuesday’s meeting.  One of the points of the contract was the user fee.

“The proposed agreement calls for the East Shore Corporation to pay the same retail treatment rate as every other rate payer in the Town of Culver plus a five percent surcharge,” explained Clevenger. 

As an example, he said instead of $5.24 per 1,000 gallons, the East Shore Corporation users would pay $5.50 per 1,000 gallons.  The proposed flow is about 41,000 gallons a day.

A base rate in the ordinance calls for a charge per the size of the water meter used.  Clevenger said the flow would go through a four-inch meter so the base rate would be $680 per month, which includes a surcharge.

A three-year moratorium on any rate increase to the users is outlined in the contract. 

Clevenger also noted that there will be a $179,254 one-time capacity buy-in amount.

“The idea is is that because now this new user is going to be taking up more of the capacity at the plant we’re charging them a capacity buy-in.  In our ordinance, it’s called a System Development Charge. It’s a common kind of a charge throughout the state by all municipalities.” 

In addition, the East Shore Corporation will need to pre-treat the sewage before it is introduced into the Wastewater Treatment Facility to avoid a higher concentration of sulfuric acid.  Engineer Mark Sullivan said a tank holds that treatment which is dispersed into the flow which is similar to the practice of the Southwest Conservancy District. 

Clevenger said the contract was presented to the East Shore Corporation officials and they approved it. 

The Culver Town Council members approved the contract with a unanimous vote.