Winamac Town Council Chooses Central Paving for Community Crossings Projects

The Winamac Town Council has picked a contractor for upcoming paving work. Central Paving was awarded the bid for just over $195,000 Monday.

The paving projects will include 12th street from Market to Hathaway, Agnew Street from 17th to 13th, Jefferson Street from Franklin to West, and Market Street from Washington to U.S. 35. Work will also take place on Northwest Street from Summit to Madison, Ontario and Plymouth Streets from Market to U.S. 35, as well as South Street from Franklin to West.

Central Paving’s bid was the lowest of three the town received last month and the only one that came under the engineer’s estimate. The engineer recommended moving ahead with the company, according to Town Manager Brad Zellers.

Seventy-five percent of the cost will be covered by a Community Crossings grant from the Indiana Department of Transportation.