Culver Town Council Approves Purchases for Park Department

The Culver Town Council members approved several purchases for the park department during their most recent meeting. 

The first request was to purchase equipment needed for security cameras for pier slips.  Town Manager Jonathan Leist commented that the people who rent the pier slips have asked for the security system for years and now it’s able to happen.  The rental funds will pay for the equipment. 

Vermillion Systems will do the camera and DVR installation while Live Oak Electric will do electric work to round out the project. 

Leist said a third component in the process is a lease agreement with Four Way Communication. 

Leist explained,  “We had an estimate earlier in the year that involved actually running fiber in the ground in the park that was a lot higher than what we’ve got now.  We were able to decrease that cost by about $7,000 I think by working with Four Way to do a wireless solution.  In exchange for that, they would also like to enter into a lease agreement to put some equipment on our water tower next to the park.” 

Leist added that the agreement would allow the company to have free equipment rent on the water tower for two years with a $250 rent payment following that time period with a three percent increase each year. 

The cost for this project and the lease agreement was approved by the council with a unanimous vote at $9,445. 

The council also approved some items for the Culver Beach Lodge that the grant would not cover.  Wifi will be available on all three levels of the building with South Shore IT Group with an IT Solutions contract at a cost of $4,133.  A request to purchase and install audio/visual equipment for presentations planned at the Culver Beach Lodge was approved at a cost of $2,875.  Some concession equipment items were also approved for purchase for $5,107.