Culver Town Council Updated on Stellar Projects

Renovations to the Culver Beach Lodge grow nearer to completion every day.

The renovation process at the Culver Beach Lodge began last year with funding from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs through the Town of Culver’s designation as a Stellar Community.

The perimeters of the grant stressed that the project had to be complete by the end of March.  That goal is attainable.  The mild winter has helped in that process.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist told the Town Council members last week that a punchlist of items wasn’t prepared at the last construction meeting, but the project remains ahead of schedule for grant timing and it’s on budget.

A ribbon cutting will be held on Saturday, May 9 at 9 a.m. to officially open the building prior to the start of the official summer season in Culver. 

Another project that is expected to be done at the end of March is the Cavalier Sports Park.  Leist said the restroom building is on site and additional equipment has arrived.  Some of the equipment is being stored with the contractor until it can be installed. 

Photo provided by Culver Park Superintendent Amber Cowell