Miami Correctional Facility Making Gowns, Masks to Meet Needs

The Indiana Department of Corrections is taking action to make gowns and face shields and face masks for the first responders.

Indiana Department of Corrections Commissioner Rob Carter explained in a press conference on Friday afternoon that they’ve ordered some supplies and will be making those items to help those in need.

“We’re in full production of gowns.  We’re making about 200 a day.  We may able to scale up with that, depending on how much material we get.  Monday we’ll be in full production of masks, about 200 a day.  We expect to have the material in by Monday,” stated Carter. 

He presented displays of the masks and the gowns that will be fashioned by those who are incarcerated who work in the facilities. 

The hospital-grade material that will be used in the masks comes from an Indiana company. 

The gown material that will be used is waterproof and used to make pillows by workers there. 

They were also in production of hand sanitizer at the Miami County facility.

Governor Eric Holcomb applauded the efforts to assist Hoosiers needing assistance during this COVID-19 pandemic.