Starke County Council Tables Funding for EMS Ambulance

Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary presented a request to the Starke County Council members Monday night to purchase a new ambulance.  It would replace an ambulance on the current fleet that is often out of service for repairs.

Starke County Council President Dave Pearman thought that there wasn’t enough of a financial stability to purchase a new ambulance at this time. 

The council did approve a request for a new cot to replace an older one on an ambulance that is in bad shape.  It can no longer be repaired.  Clary will be purchasing the new cot through a $17,500 grant received from the Hardesty Memorial Fund through the Starke County Community Foundation.  He asked to purchase two others with a payment plan, but the council members aren’t sure how the economy will be with COVID-19 so they weren’t comfortable with purchasing cots on a lease plan.  Clary will be purchasing just the one cot as allowed with grant funds.