Winamac High School Athletes Learning Leadership Lessons with Habitudes Curriculum

Winamac High School’s Athletic Leadership Council has a new tool for teaching leadership skills to student athletes. Athletic Director Bill Ball and council members recently discussed the Habitudes curriculum with the Eastern Pulaski School Board. Ball said the 12-lesson program is being incorporated into monthly Athletic Leadership Council meetings this year.

One of the lessons uses an iceberg analogy. The 10 percent of an iceberg that’s visible can be compared to an athlete’s talent, but it’s the other 90 percent of an iceberg that can sink ships, much like an athlete’s character, morals, and standards. The students were challenged to make a new habit, and the council leaders reported a good response from their classmates. Another lesson encouraged athletes to be a “thermostat” that sets the bar and leads by example, rather than a “thermometer” that just follows everyone else.

Ball said the Habitudes program was promoted by the Indiana High School Athletic Association. He explained that it costs $440 a year, but $300 of that was covered by an IHSAA Foundation grant this year. The curriculum includes worksheets, posters, and videos featuring interviews with college and professional athletes.