Culver Community School Board Ratifies Executive Orders

The Culver Community School Board members ratified executive actions taken by Superintendent Karen Shuman so far this month.

One order was questioned by the Culver Community Teacher’s Association Monday night regarding the closure of the school year.  The teachers were asked to return to the buildings the week of May 26 to take inventory of classrooms and to remove personal items from classrooms.

Representative Mike Bushman said no details of what was expected were relayed to the teachers but further explanation by Superintendent Karen Shuman seemed to ease concerns.  He cited an unsafe working environment and unfair labor practices being in the buildings for the week to close out the school year. 

Shuman said the teachers can come in at their convenience at any time to clean out the classrooms and take inventory.  They were asked to call families to take a survey of the use and availability of technology and internet connections in order to move forward with a reentry plan for the upcoming school year.  That work is anticipated for Wednesday where teachers will provide input into the plan for next school year. 

Shuman said the work is considered essential and not a violation of the state’s order.  She verified that with the school corporation’s attorney and the State School Board Association.    

Students will be in the Middle/High School next week to return textbooks or homework and to clean out lockers.  Seniors will return devices.  Students will be accompanied by a teacher or other adult to prevent theft of items as they are retrieved. 

Social distancing will be observed.  Employees over the age of 65 or with underlying medical conditions are not required to be inside the buildings. 

The other orders include the use of school buildings for police training and voting as they are essential functions, grading scale changes, and allowing students to complete testing or continuous education plans with approval of a teacher by appointment. 

With the clarifications, the school board members unanimously ratified the executive orders as presented.