Governor Highlights Efforts of Culver Community Middle/High School Guidance Counselor

A Culver Community Middle/High School guidance counselor got some statewide recognition from Governor Holcomb Monday. Missy Trent was recognized for her efforts in helping a student who was potentially positive for COVID-19.

“She made sure while that student was quarantined, that their family had money to pay a heating bill, of all things,” Holcomb said. “She then took the family an electric heater. She then, in the community, raised $500 to pay that next heating bill. And so this was on top of what was going on, in terms of instruction. This was about that whole student and their well-being.”

Holcomb said Trent was just one of 78,000 Hoosier educators who “deserve more than our gratitude” for what they’ve been doing over the past couple months. “They have acted quickly,” the governor said. “They have been nimble and agile. They have built virtual curriculum. They have stayed connected with students, whether it be at a central location in the community or to the homes themselves. They’re doing parades to recognize student achievement. Just a whole list A to Z.”

The governor’s comments came on the first day of National Teacher Appreciation Week.