Indiana April Unemployment Rate Higher than the U.S. Rate

Indiana Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Fred Payne gave an update concerning the unemployment situation in the state during Governor Eric Holcomb’s press briefing on Friday.

Payne stated 30,311 initial claims were filed this week which is a downward trend from the peak in March. About $1.7 billion has been paid in unemployment insurance payments since March. 

The unemployment rate in March was 3.2 percent statewide.  Payne said April told a different story. 

“For April, that unemployment rate is 16.9 percent while the U.S. stands at 14.7 percent,” said Payne.  “This is the highest rate we’ve seen in Indiana since 1982 where it stood at 12.6 percent.” 

During this time, Payne said the call volume remains high, but the wait time to answer a resident’s phone call is dropping due to an increase in staffing and technology changes.

It still takes 21 days for payments to be processed.  It could take longer if there are issues with the application or if there is an appeal.