Indiana Department of Workforce Development Overpays Unemployment Benefits

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development says it’s overpaid certain Hoosiers’ unemployment benefits. Commissioner Fred Payne confirmed the overpayments during Wednesday’s COVID-19 briefing, but didn’t give an exact amount.

The department’s website says those overpayments must be paid back, but Payne said there are different ways that can happen. “We end up going back after those overpayments in a variety of ways,” he explained. “It depends on why the overpayment took place, when it took place, and all of those circumstances. So I’m giving you an ‘it depends’ answer because it does depend on the situation.”

Meanwhile, Payne said his department continues to be on the lookout for unemployment fraud. He said he couldn’t say exactly how much fraud is taking place, but noted that Indiana is protected by its 14-day waiting period on unemployment benefits.

“When a person files for an unemployment claim, we end up sending that information to the employer indicating that x employee has filed for benefits,” Payne said. “That employer has about 14 days – really, it’s a 10-day period plus the mailing time – to let us know that that’s a legitimate claim or they can protest the claim.”

Payne said individuals can also help by protecting their personal information.