Stellar Planning Process Could Address Submerged Lifeguard Tower in Bass Lake

A longtime hazard in Bass Lake could finally be resolved as part of the planning process for Constellation of Starke’s Stellar efforts. A structure, believed to be an old lifeguard tower, that’s now submerged in the lake has repeatedly been discussed by the Starke County Park Board over the past few years. So far, they haven’t been able to find a way to remove it, and there have been doubts as to whether it’s the park board’s responsibility, anyway.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Hope to Choose Health Insurance Company July 1

Health insurance document

Pulaski County has gotten four proposals for employee health insurance, but before they were even opened Monday, county officials spent several minutes trying to figure out what exactly to do with them. During Monday’s joint council and commissioners meeting, Auditor Laura Wheeler explained that the open enrollment period begins July 1, with the new coverage year starting in August.

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Winamac Park Board Discusses Landscaping Upgrades at Fairground Entrance

The Winamac Park Board is revisiting plans to upgrade the landscaping near the entrance to the fairgrounds, but getting it done it time for this year’s 4-H Fair may prove to be a challenge. Last year, the park board agreed to let the Pulaski County Jr. Leaders replace the entrance sign, remove most of the bushes surrounding it, and replace the wooden posts used as edging.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Adds eLearning Option to School Calendar

The Oregon-Davis School Board has agreed to bring back eLearning. Board members voted Monday to add some eLearning language to the 2019-2020 school calendar, according to Superintendent Dr. Don Harman. “That will include this statement: ‘At the discretion of the superintendent, an eLearning day may be utilized, if needed, throughout the school year,'” Harman explains.

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Pulaski County Health Department to Offer Free Naloxone Training

Pulaski County residents have a few chances to learn how to use the potentially life-saving drug naloxone. The Pulaski County Health Department says it’s gotten overdose rescue kits from the Indiana State Department of Health, to distribute to the local community. As part of that effort, the Health Department will host four free training events over the coming weeks.

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Tree Removal, Replacement Continue in Winamac Town Park

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

New trees have been planted in the Winamac Town Park, while old trees continue to be removed. Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo told the park board last week that 15 of the park’s 18 new trees have now been planted, thanks to Proscapes Unlimited, Dave Bennett, and Park Board Member Jon Chapman. The planting was originally scheduled to take place during a park cleanup day last month, but was delayed by flooding.

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