Pulaski County Council Member Creates List of Cost Saving Ideas for Commissioners

As Pulaski County’s budget discussions continue, one county council member has come up with a list of ideas for the county commissioners to explore that might cut costs and increase revenue. Kathi Thompson presented her discussion points during Monday’s special council meeting, with all three commissioners in attendance.

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Pulaski County Council Once Again Requests More Time to Consider Tax Changes

Pulaski County Council: back row: Mike Tiede, Kathi Thompson, Brian Young; front row: Scott Hinkle, Rudy DeSabatine, Jay Sullivan (not pictured: Ken Boswell)

The Pulaski County Council wants a few more days to consider what direction to take on potential tax adjustments. The county currently has the highest income tax rate in the state, but one of the lowest property tax rates. Council members have been looking at ways to balance those, while also preparing for the end of the special income tax that was put in place to pay for the Justice Center but also covers a large portion of jail operations.

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West Central School Board Gets Update on Technology, Building and Grounds Upgrades

The West Central School Corporation is making some technology and facility upgrades, according to Superintendent Dan Zylstra, “including our student information system, some updates to our website, building and grounds improvements, which include a new diesel gas pump – we made some improvements to the football area for pedestrians.”

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