Knox School Superintendent Reviews Recent Court of Appeals Visit

The Indiana Court of Appeals’ visit to Knox High School this month proved to be a great civics lesson for students, according to School Superintendent Dr. William Reichhart. “A lot of us just see ‘Judge Judy’ and we think that’s how all the court cases are, and so it was good for our students to be able to participate in that,” Reichhart recently told the school board.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Finalize Sale of Four Lots at $25 Each

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners have taken action to get some property back on the tax rolls. Back in September, William McBee, a resident of the Monterey Resorts area, expressed interest in buying four neighboring lots that had come under the county’s ownership. Earlier this month, the commissioners voted to finalize the sale, for a price of $25 per parcel.

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Repairs Planned for Parking Lot at Pulaski County Public Library, Annex Building

Repairs will soon be coming to the parking lot between the Pulaski County Public Library and the County Annex Building in Winamac. Library Executive Director MacKenzie Ledley told the county commissioners last week that the library has money from its recent bond issuance to crack seal the entire parking lot, including the portion owned by the county.

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