Santa Claus Visits North Judson

Santa gets ready to visit with children

Santa Claus visited North Judson and greeted approximately 125 children at the new North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department building on Luken Street on Saturday, December 4th. Santa arrived by train and was escorted to the Fire Department on a horse-drawn wagon. Children had fun talking with Santa and having hot chocolate and cookies Saturday afternoon.

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Lake Snow Advisory

Statement as of 8:55 PM CST on December 6, 2010

Lake Effect Snow Advisory

… Lake effect Snow Advisory in effect until 11 am CST Tuesday…

The National Weather Service in northern Indiana has issued a
lake effect Snow Advisory… which is in effect until 11 am CST

* Timing… lake effect snow will persist into midday Tuesday and
may be heavy at times across northeast portions of Starke County.

* Snow accumulations… 1 to 3 inches of snow will be possible
north of Highway 30… with lesser amounts generally less than 1
inch south of Highway 30.

* Other impacts… visibilities will be highly variable with
intense snowfall in narrow bands. Untreated roads will become
snow covered and slippery. Travel on affected portions of US
Highway 30 could become hazardous.

Precautionary/preparedness actions…

A lake effect Snow Advisory Means Lake-effect snow is forecast
that will make travel difficult in some areas. Lake effect snow
showers typically align themselves in bands and will likely be
intense enough to drop several inches in localized areas. Use
caution when traveling.

Sunday Morning Mixed League 12/05/10

Sunday Morning Mixed League
Team Standings:
1. The Unknown        66.0-25.0
2. The Quest              59.0-39.0
3. The Smelly Cats   56.0-42.0
4. WRJN                    54.0-44.0
5. Split Heads           53.0-45.0
6. S*** Happens      44.0-54.0
7. Odd Balls              43.0-55.0
8. Snowdon’s Lawncare 40.0-58.0
9. Lucky #7               38.0-60.0
10. Strange Brew     37.0-61.0

High Individual Scratch Game-Women: Jane Howard 195, Marsha Berryman 188, Christine Smith 181
High Individual Scratch Series-Women: Jane Howard 509, Dawn Nicewonder 494, Peggy Gregg 475
High Individual Scratch Game-Men: Dan Gregg 228, Rocky Ballinger 223 & 217, Josh Budka 213
High Individual Scratch Series-Men: Rocky Ballinger 632, Dan Gregg 600, Jerry Conley 580
High Individual HDCP Game-Women: Christine Smith 238, Marsha Berryman 231, Jane Howard 220, Tyra Evers 220
High Individual HDCP Series-Women: Christine Smith 635, Dawn Nicewonder 620, Connie Fuka 603
High Individual HDCP Game-Men: Dan Gregg 253, Rocky Ballinger 243, Josh Berryman 242
High Individual HDCP Series-Men: Rocky Ballinger 692, Dan Gregg 675, Jerry Conley 652
Top Five Averages-Women: Carol Zachary 170.21, Jane Howard 168.45, Donna Konrad 159.49, Karen Budka 157.60, Peggy Gregg 154.52
Top Five Averages-Men: Jim Felchuk 192.00, Drew Williams 185.15, Dennis Konrad 182.71, Josh Budka 181.94, Rocky Ballinger 177.70.

Indiana Senator to Try and End Indiana’s Ban on Sunday Alcohol Sales

Indiana Republican Senator Phil Boots of Crawfordsville is going to try to end Indiana’s ban on Sunday carryout alcohol sales in the upcoming legislative session.

The Senator is arguing that Sunday alcohol sales would help Indiana’s economy and any chance to increase revenue in Indiana should be considered. However, one study shows that changes in alcohol regulations between 1980 and 2007 found there was little fiscal impact.

Paula McMahon

We asked Paula McMahon, owner of Knox Liquors, whether or not she is in favor of alcohol sales on Sunday:

“I am against it and so is the Indiana Liquor Association,” replied McMahon. “I know the legislators are wanting it because of revenue loss. I really don’t think the revenue loss will gain anything over what it is because the people are going where they’re going on Sundays and they’re going to continue to do it. It’s probably cheaper where they’re going than what it would be in the state of Indiana. I think this will cause more problems than good. I don’t think it’s going to do anything for sales and I know if they pass it, this store will not be open on Sundays.”

The proposal in the past has faced opposition from many liquor store owners, in part because they believe any business gained would be canceled out by additional costs for being open another day.

Love Inc. Moves Closer to the Second Phase of its Mission

Wendy Medborn
Wendy Medborn

Wendy Medborn, Executive Director of Love Inc. spoke with WKVI’s Ted Hayes this week and said the organization is close to entering into the second phase of the mission.

“This phase is where we do long-term counseling,” explained Medborn. “Whether it’s finances, a job, career, cooking or marriage, it’s something that we’re going to try and get started in the community. Other Love Inc. organizations do that. It takes a lot of volunteers and it takes a lot of people needing that specific need and it is usually a year-long process. We’re doing small, little things that maybe take a week, or a couple weeks, or a month trying to learn but that is part of phase two that we’re working on.”

At the top of the organization’s agenda is leading people to Christ.

“When we talk with our clients, we pray with them right on the phone,” said Medborn. “We tell them, ‘God loves you and He sees you and He’s going to see you through this situation’. We continue to guide them in that. If they don’t belong to a church, we ask them if a pastor come out and talk to them and pray with them.   The church is to support you, encourage you and help you get on your feet. We just walk with them day by day.”

Love Inc. is dedicated to offering a helping hand in a time of need.

Tuesday Night Men’s League 11/30/10

Tuesday Night Men’s League 11/30/10
Team Standings:
1. Quarter’s 67.0-24.0
2. Konrad Cabinets 60.0-31.0
3. Marks Body Shop 52.0-39.0
4. 1st Choice Pawn 51.0-40.0
5. WKVI 48.0-43.0
6. Sandbar 45.0-46.0
7. Half Track 44.0-47.0
8. Bowlaway Lanes 40.0-51.0
9. Hensleys 40.0-51.0
10. Fishers 40.0-51.0
11. Simonis 33.0-58.0
12. Time Out 26.0-65.0

High Scratch Team Game: Quarter’s 862, 1st Choice Pawn 810, Hensleys 804
High Team Scratch Series: Quarter’s 2459, Hensleys 2326, Bowlaway Lanes 2294
High HDCP Team Game: 1st Choice Pawn 917, Simonis 906, Quarter’s 895
High HDCP Team Series: WKVI 2564, Quarter’s 2558, Hensleys 2545
High Individual Scratch Game: Gordon Buckman 275, Josh Budka 268, Josh Nies 267
High Individual Scratch Series: Gordon Buckman 678, Rob Snowdon 669, Shawn Hale 663
High Individual HDCP Game: Josh Nies 289, Gordon Buckman 276, Josh Budka 272
High Individual HDCP Series: Rob Snowdon 735, Shawn Hale 726, Mark Hensley 720.