West Central Technical Review Committee Discusses Wind Turbine Project

The West Central Technical Review Committee met recently to discuss the wind turbine project.

“At our last meeting, we were actually going over the proposal from Performance Services, Inc.,” said Superintendent Charles Mellon, a Committee participant. “We talked about the identification of the site. It’s actually going to be on the AG plot. Of course there’s different studies including environmental studies that have taken place. We talked about the development plan and there’s still a lot of components yet to put in place. We’re still waiting on NIPSCO to finalize rates. The final meeting will take place February 25th. The earliest our Board would make a final decision would be on March 17th.”

If the project goes as planned, the turbine could be operational in November of this year.

SCILL Center Students to Attend Chicago Auto Show

Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson

SCILL Center instructors, students and several chaperones will be attending the Chicago Auto Show this Wednesday.

“The great thing about the Auto Show is that we get to see just about every car manufactured that there is,” said Instructor Mark Anderson. “These kids are going to be able to see cars that are $1 million Bentleys, Maybachs, and cars that you may not encounter any other time in your lifetime. We’re also going to see engine cutaways and what we’re pushing them for is green. We want them to see all of the electric cars. We really want them to key in on those because by the time they get out of our program and out of college, those are more likely the cars they’re going to be working on.”

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Knox Middle School Students, Staff Raise $600 for American Heart Association

Knox Middle School faculty and students recently participated in a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

“We decided that the best way to raise money to help the American Heart Association was to sell Heart Association t-shirts and arrange a pie-in-the-face competition for Valentine’s Day,” explained Knox Middle School Principal, Steve Cronk. “By combining those two exercises, we have raised over $600.”

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Week in Review for February 7th-11th, 2011

Here is some of the news that made the news in the Kankakee Valley this week:

The Lincoln Township Fire Department in Fish Lake received an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for $54,480 for Operations and Safety.

Starke County Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall told the Starke County Commissioners that the Department received complaints about mailbox damage after the winter storm. Siddall also reported that more damage could be reported in Bass Lake and Koontz Lake when they start to push big piles of snow back on the right-of-ways.

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Tuesday Night Men’s League 02/08/11

Tuesday Night Men’s League 02/08/11
Team Standings:
1. Quarter’s 116.0-31.0
2. Konrad Cabinets 89.0-58.0
3. 1st Choice Pawn 85.0-62.0
4. Hensleys 82.0-65.0
5. Marks Body Shop 80.0-67.0
6. WKVI 75.0-72.0
7. Bowlaway Lanes 72.0-75.0
8. Sandbar 67.0-80.0
9. Time Out 62.0-85.0
10. Half Track 58.0-89.0
11. Simonis 51.0-96.0
12. Fishers 45.0-102.0
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14 Area Wrestlers Advance To Semi-State

Wrestling post-season success continues for our area. After having 31 individuals advance to the Regional, there were 14 who advanced to Semi-State this weekend including 3 weight class champions! Here are the names of those who have advanced…

Culver (3): Ian Randolph-135 4th (27-11); Matt Hurford-189 1st (39-2); Jeremiah Harvey-285 1st (37-4).

John Glenn (4): Kaleb McCallum-112 3rd (39-4); Ryan Ishmael-119 4th (30-15); Myles White-125 3rd (33-10); Cody Strange-160 3rd (36-7).

Knox (3): Devann Biddle-140 4th (23-6); Garrett Majchrzak-152 3rd (19-8); Logan Short-285 1st (25-11).

West Central (3): Dillan Rehn-125 2nd (40-4); Steve Masters-189 3rd (35-4); Jordan Culp-285 4th (22-6).

Winamac (1): Zach Dix-285 3rd (28-4).

All 14 area wrestlers will be competing this Saturday at the Merrillville Semi-State which begins at 9 am CT.

Starke County Commissioners Approve Resolution for Travel Expenses

Starke County Commissioners ( L to R ) Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom, Jennifer Davis

The Starke County Commissioners passed a resolution this week that would be used as a guideline for all office holders and staff to follow when traveling. The subject came up when several claims from December came in over what is recommended by the State.

In question were lodging and food claims turned in by some officials and staff members who attended the Newly Elected Prosecutor’s Conference and Attorney General’s Winter Meeting.

Attempting to answer questions on the claims were current Prosecutor, Nicholas Bourff, and his Chief Deputy, Mary Ryan. Discussed were claims turned in by then-Prosecutor Julieanne Havens, Mary Ryan, Jeff Williams, and Ryan Bratcher.

It was noted that all claims did not surpass the limit, but the Commissioners reminded Bourff and Ryan of the limits. The County will pay $6.50 for breakfasts and lunches, and $13.00 for dinner. The difference between what is allowed and the receipts for meals and lodging will be paid for by the attendee. The Commissioners also instructed those traveling to attempt to car pool when possible.

Pulaski County Commissioners Discuss Recycling at Recent Meeting

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

There was some heated discussion regarding the recycling center’s purchase of aluminum and other recyclables at the last Pulaski County Commissioners meeting. Ed Clark, of the Pulaski County Recycling Center, approached the commissioners and mentioned his interest in allowing the recycling center to once again purchase aluminum from county residents and businesses.

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Susanne Lange Discusses More Services of Bella Vita

Susanne Lange

Yesterday we told you about a pregnancy resource center that will be opening soon in a home that was originally owned by Francis Myers in the 200 block of Heaton Street in Knox. The center is scheduled to be opening on March 15. It will be called Bella Vita and is a pro-life center that is opening primarily to help women carry their babies to term.

Susanne Lange, a registered nurse, will be the administrator of the new center.

Susanne was asked what advise she would give a woman in her 40’s who has become unexpectantly pregnant and doesn’t feel she wants to carry the baby to term.

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News from the Knox City Council

Knox City Council (L to R) Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg, Ron Parker, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Mayor Rick Chambers, Attorney David Matsey, Ed Blue and Greg Matt

Mayor Rick Chambers told the City Council members this week that the sign at the Community Center has to be replaced. The sign is 12 years old and is obsolete. The control box has quit.

The time clock at City Hall has quit.

“It’s an hour off and there’s no way to adjust it,” said Mayor Chambers. “They want about $300 to come in and fix that. I don’t know how long the time clock has been here. A new one is anywhere between $250 and $900, depending on what you get. We either need to get a new time clock or just do away with the time clock.”

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Cost of February Storms in Starke County Nears $81,000

Starke County EMA Director Ted Bombagetti said this week that the total cost during the storms the first week in February was almost $81,000. Almost $7,000 was overtime pay. The rest was in materials and fuel.

On a related topic, County Highway Superintendent Steve Siddall implored the County Commissioners to set up a meeting with the Bass Lake Property Owners Association to explain the right-of-way situation at the lake. Siddall said it’s been about 10 years since residents were notified that the county has 40 to 60 feet of right of way to plow snow. Since that time, many of the property owners have been encroaching on that space to place fences, trinkets, rocks and boulders.

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Congressman Joe Donnelly Discusses Situation in Egypt

Joe Donnelly
Congressman Joe Donnelly

Congressman Joe Donnelly weighed in on the situation in Egypt yesterday.

“I think this is the Egyptians seeking democracy and freedom,” explained Donnelly. “We are watching this very closely. We want to make sure that there is stability. It appears there is a gradual transition that is taking place right now. We hope that it can be done in a peaceful fashion and be done in a way that preserves democracy and freedom for the people in Egypt.”

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Sunday Morning Mixed League 02/06/11

Sunday Morning Mixed League 02/06/11
Team Standings:
1. The Unknown 104.0-36.0
2. WRJN 84.0-63.0
3. Split Heads 79.0-68.0
4. The Quest 78.0-69.0
5. The Smelly Cats 75.0-72.0
6. Strange Brew 68.0-79.0
7. Lucky #7 66.0-81.0
8. Odd Balls 61.0-86.0
9. Snowdon’s Lawncare 61.0-86.0
10. S*** Happens 59.0-88.0
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Knox City Council Approves Building Purchase; Deal Falls Through Next Day

Knox City Council #2
Back Row: Mayor Rick Chambers, Ed Blue, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Greg Matt and Attorney David Matsey. Front Row: Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg and Ron Parker

The Knox City Council voted 3-2 Tuesday night to purchase a building from Dean Wells, located at the north end of the city parking lot, across from City Hall. 12 hours later, the deal fell through. The Council had voted to purchase the building for $120,000 with $25,000 down and $20,000 due each year for 5 years.

It was discovered that the building needed two appraisals before the transaction could be completed so the deal fell through. The sale might be successful at a later time, but Mr. Wells informed the Council that he is going ahead with remodeling plans for the building, and that it probably would not be listed at that price again.

The City was going to use the building for storage, with a possibility of moving the Police Department there at a future date.

Voting for the purchase was Greg Matt, Jeff Berg Council President Ed Blue. Voting against were Council members Linda Berndt and Ron Parker.

Knox Snow Removal Budget Stable Despite Heavy Snow Storms

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

It has snowed a lot this year! We asked Knox Mayor, Rick Chambers, if the City’s snow removal budget is in good shape:

“We’re doing excellent with our budget,” replied Mayor Chambers. “We haven’t had to work a lot of overtime. I think this past weekend was the first weekend that our street crew has actually worked overtime. We ran out of sand and my Street Department Superintendent did find a new supply of sand so we’re in good shape.

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Knox Community School Board Spotlights Students Involved in Community Projects

Libby Flora, Erica Pick, Taylor Kemble, Logan Short, Grant Warren, Hayley Windbigler and Keisten Childers talk to the Board about community projects

At their recent meeting, the Knox Community School Board members commended the students who took part in the Kiwanis Food Basket project and distribution during the Christmas holiday. The students helped 130 families. Food donations were taken from the public and from the students in the corporation.

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