Indiana House Republicans Reject Effort to Protect Funds for Lakes

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

The Indiana House Republicans Thursday rejected an effort by State Representative Nancy Dembowski to protect funds earmarked for lakes around the state. Dembowski has 27 lakes in her district and tried to make $2.4 million in funds paid for by boaters to remain dedicated to that purpose.

The Representative objected to the Daniels administration taking the money to shore up the State budget. Following the defeat, Dembowski talked to reporters.

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Know Where the Main Water Shut-off Valve is in Your Home in Case of an Emergency

Do you know where to find and how to shut off your home’s main water supply in an emergency? You’ll wish you knew where it was if you ever have a frozen, leaky or burst pipe. Over a quarter of a million families a year have pipe problems.

A three millimeter crack can allow 250 gallons of water per day to escape from your pipes.

If you don’t know where your shut-off valve is, find out today and don’t keep the knowledge a secret. Let every member of the family know in case of an emergency.

Today’s ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Show Features Ben Lipke

Ben Lipke and Donna Brown prepare for the Grand Opening of the Five Star store

This is Friday, and Ted Hayes presents “Ted Hayes Remembers” twice today, at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT. Today’s guest is Ben Lipke, who in 1964, was the first manager of Five Star and part owner.

Ben will talk about those early years. As Ben told Ted, the Knox location was one of seven in the Five Star chain. And, even though he might be a little prejudiced, Ben always thought the Knox store was the best.

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I-94 Crash Kills Stevensville Michigan Man

Indiana State Police Troopers investigated a three vehicle crash on I-94 just east of the State Road 249 Portage exit that killed a Michigan man.

Daniel VanDyke's vehicle was a total loss. The accident killed his passenger, Richard A. Hannah, of Stevensville, Michigan

Preliminary investigation revealed that a Valparaiso man, 37-year-old Greg L. Hills, was westbound in the right lane when he lost control of his vehicle. It came to rest facing south in the right lane. A vehicle driven by Daniel VanDyke, 44, of Benton Harbor, Michigan, was slowing to avoid Hills’ vehicle in the lane when VanDyke was rear-ended by a semi-box trailer. After the collision, VanDyke’s vehicle pushed into the driver’s side of Hills’ vehicle. The semi began to jack-knife, hit the median barrier wall, bounced back and the trailer hit the rear of Hills’ vehicle.

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Monday Night Ladies League 01/24/11

Monday Night Ladies League 01/24/11
Team Standings:
1. American Legion 106.0-41.0
2. Pinheads 97.0-50.0
3. Roger’s Angels 89.0-58.0
4. Konrad’s Cabinets 86.0-61.0
5. Sum Timers 86.0-61.0
6. Chaos 72.0-75.0
7. Baugh Construction 72.0-75.0
8. Total Alignment 62.0-85.0
9. Balls of Fury 61.0-86.0
10. Collins Insurance 57.0-90.0
11. Snowdon’s 55.0-92.0
12. K&R’s Funky Junk 39.0-108.0
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Indiana Legislative Sessions and Committee Meetings Canceled due to Weather

State Representative Nancy Dembowski

Tuesday and Wednesday were slow days for State Legislators as sessions were canceled because of weather for the first time in 10 years.

“We had no session on Tuesday and that included Committee meetings and Committee meetings were called off Wednesday as well,” said State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D-Knox). “Normally on Wednesday we don’t have session, but we have a full day of Committee meetings. All of that has been called off because it’s just really treacherous to move around down here because of the ice.”

Dembowski said the two days were not wasted.

“We were able to get here,” she said. “I don’t live far and I was able to walk over and it gives us uninterrupted time to get a lot of work done and get some things done that we may have been setting aside as busy as we’ve been in session. There are some positives to it as well.”

Don Good Analyses Gas Prices

The oil price closed at $91.50 a barrel in Wednesday’s market. That prompted a call to Don Good from the Good Oil Company in Winamac.

“They took a little spike over the unrest in Egypt and the Suez Canal comes through there and that’s a big concern as far as shipping oil out of the Gulf,” reported Don Good. “There’s also a major pipeline that runs through Egypt called the Suez Pipeline and it’s a concern there that it may be impacted if the violence goes that way. I think a bigger concern there is it could destabilize the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. Their fear is that if it spreads there, that’s where we’ll really have a problem.”

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Weather Causes Accidents on Indiana’s Roadways

A 17-year-old Demotte boy died in a car-semi accident Tuesday night in Newton County.  Matthew Tayler apparently pulled into the path of the semi on State Road 10.  Weather was a factor in the accident.  The semi driver was from Janesville, Wisconsin.  He was not injured.

A semi driver hit an INDOT snow plow Wednesday morning  on State Road 31 near Lakeville.  The semi drivers said he did not see the snow plow in front of him because of the snow hitting his windshield.  The semi driver was ticketed for driving too closely.

Starke United Director to Resign

Starke United

Starke United President, Todd Zeltwanger, has confirmed that Executive Director, Edie Hall, has tendered her resignation. In the resignation notice, Hall said that her husband has retired and the family will be moving out of the area. Her last day at the helm will be March 20th.

Starke United is on its way to wrap up the 2010 campaign by the end of February.

Knox Kiwanis Club is down to Seven Members

The Knox City Council discussed Halloween at it’s most recent meeting. Even though it’s a little early, the Council established Monday, October 31st as the official Trick or Treat night.

The reason they discussed Halloween is that the Knox Kiwanis Club has traditionally put on the Trick or Treat costume judging and party. The Council has been informed that the Kiwanis Club may not be able to sponsor the activities this year.

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Knox City Police Department Statistics for January

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem
Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

Knox City Police Chief, Clint Norem, has released the January statistics from the Police Department.

The Department received 376 calls and investigated 15 accidents. There were 7 Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated arrests and 2 Public Intoxication arrests. 10 people were arrested on 15 traffic charges and 25 people were arrested on 54 criminal charges. One person was arrested on a battery charge and 5 people were arrested on active warrants. 17 drug charges were filed.

Take Precautions to Avoid Frozen Pipes this Winter

When temperatures dip below freezing, homeowners should take simple precautions to keep the pipes intact and avoid pouring thousands of dollars into home repairs.

Ensure water tanks and pipes are insulated. Pipes in attics, crawl spaces and outside walls are more vulnerable to freezing. Let the water run. Letting both hot and cold lines of a faucet drip in the extreme cold can prevent a pipe from bursting. A running faucet relieves pressure between the faucet and the ice. No pressure means no bursting. Also, keep bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors open during a cold spell to let warm air circulate around the pipes. Seal any leaks in your home, attic, basement or crawl space that might allow cold air inside where pipes are located.

WKVI Archives

The coldest day ever recorded in Indiana was 35 below on this date in 1951 at the Greensburg Weather Station.

This was a big day for the Kankakee Valley REMC. On February 2nd, 1940, the first meter was installed at the home of Porter Jack at Hamlet.