Winamac Park Superintendent Closes Part of Town Park

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The back part of the Winamac Town Park has been closed.

Park Superintendent Don Thompson told the Winamac Town Board this week that there is flooding in the back part of the park so Thompson decided to close it. That part of the park will be closed until Spring.

He also informed the Board that the park is winterized for the season.

Hoosier Lottery Jackpot up to $25 Million

The jackpot in Hoosier Lotto has grown to $25 million for tonight.

The jackpot has been on the rise since Tom and Gail Fox of Indianapolis scored a jackpot hit of $24 million on June 22nd.

You have until 10:39 p.m. ET tonight to purchase your shot at the hometown multi-million dollar jackpot. Hoosier Lotto tickets cost just $1.00 per play. For another dollar, you can add Tag 6 to your Hoosier Lotto tickets for a chance to win additional prizes from $2.00 to $100,000.

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Boys Career Scoring Leaders (Current Players)

Boys Career Scoring Leaders: (Minimum 300 points)

  1. John Eckert-Sr. (NJ): 1,140
  2. Kendall Hochstedler-Sr. (NJ): 696
  3. Josh Anderson-Sr. (JG): 542
  4. Winston Yergler-Sr. (NJ): 514
  5. Bryan McKinney-Sr. (W): 437
  6. Elliott Coad-Sr. (K): 413
  7. Zach Shidler-Jr. (W): 353
  8. Spencer Dobson-Sr. (WC): 326

Boys Basketball Leaders

Boys Scoring Leaders: (Through 12-10-11)

  1. Winston Yergler (NJ): 20.0ppg-80 points (4 games)
  2. Josh Anderson (JG): 19.1ppg-115 points (6 games)
  3. Trent Elliott (C): 18.4ppg-92 points (5 games)
  4. John Eckert (NJ): 17.2ppg-69 points (4 games)
  5. Elliott Coad (K): 16.2ppg-65 points (4 games)
  6. Kendall Hochstedler (NJ): 15.2ppg-61 points (4 games)
  7. Bryan McKinney (W): 15.2ppg-61 points (4 games)
  8. Marcus Kammrath (SC): 15.0ppg-60 points (4 games)
  9. Allen Biggers (C): 13.0ppg-65 points (5 games)
  10. Riley Charlesworth (L): 13.0ppg-65 points (5 games)
  11. Dylan Short (K): 12.0ppg-48 points (4 games)
  12. Jimmy Rippe (L): 11.4ppg-57 points (5 games)
  13. Adam Clindaniel (SC): 11.2ppg-45 points (4 games)
  14. Zach Shidler (W): 11.0ppg-44 points (4 games)
  15. Zach Taylor (OD): 11.0ppg-33 points (3 games)
  16. Mitch Fingerhut (NJ): 10.7ppg-43 points (4 games)
  17. Jake Jones (OD): 10.7ppg-43 points (4 games)
  18. Jacoda Anderson (C): 10.2ppg-51 points (5 games)
  19. Craig McIntosh (OD): 10.2ppg-41 points (4 games)
  20. Evan Kruger (WC): 10.1ppg-61 points (6 games)
  21. Sam Culver (L): 10.0ppg-50 points (5 games)

Coaching Leaders: (Through 12-10-11)

  1. Dan Warkentien (SC): 252-101 .713 (16 years)
  2. Todd Boldry (K): 190-106 .641 (14 years)
  3. Travis Hannah (JG): 138-136 .503 (13 years)
  4. Bryan Heimlich (WC): 104-80 .565 (9 years)
  5. Kyle Elliott (C): 34-36 .485 (4 years)
  6. Kyle Johnson (W): 15-12 .555 (2 years)
  7. Phil Shabi (NJ): 4-0 1.000 (1 year)
  8. Scot Spoljaric (L): 1-4 .200 (1 year)
  9. Matt Crawford (OD): 0-4 .000 (1 year)

Team Records: (Through 12-10-11)

  1. Culver: 5-0
  2. NJSP: 4-0
  3. Winamac: 3-1
  4. South Central: 2-2
  5. John Glenn: 2-4
  6. LaCrosse: 1-4
  7. West Central: 1-5
  8. Knox: 0-4
  9. Oregon-Davis: 0-4

Girls Career Scoring Leaders (Current Players)

Girls Career Scoring Leaders: (Minimum 300 points)

  1. Sarah Redweik-Sr. (W): 632
  2. Jordann Frasure-Jr. (NJ): 504
  3. Ashley Campbell-So. (OD): 467
  4. Elisabeth White-Sr. (NJ): 466
  5. Justine Kruger-Sr. (WC): 461
  6. Jesse Averone-So. (OD): 446
  7. Marissa Hamilton-Sr. (WC): 406
  8. Kenley Sanchez-Sr. (NJ): 384
  9. Danna Timm-Sr. (NJ): 332
  10. Hope Wagner-Sr (K): 320
  11. Stephanie Shorter-So. (W): 318

Girls Basketball Leaders

Girls Scoring Leaders (through 12-12-11)

(Stats as reported to

  1. Ashley Campbell (OD): 18.0ppg-126 points (7 games)
  2. Jill Rosenbaum (SC): 17.0ppg-119 points (7 games)
  3. Jesse Averone (OD): 13.4ppg-94 points (7 games)
  4. Kyler Columbia (JG): 13.4ppg-94 points (7 games)
  5. Marissa Hamilton (WC): 13.2ppg-93 points (7 games)
  6. Alisha McIntosh (OD): 12.7ppg-89 points (7 games)
  7. Sarah Redweik (W): 12.6ppg-126 points (10 games)
  8. Kayla Shaffer (C): 11.8ppg-118 points (10 games)
  9. Jessica Schramm (W): 11.6ppg-116 points (10 games)
  10. Justine Kruger (WC): 11.5ppg-81 points (7 games)
  11. Mickella Hardy (C): 10.6ppg-85 points (8 games)
  12. Hope Wagner (K): 10.6ppg-85 points (8 games)
  13. Jordann Frasure (NJ):  10.4ppg-73 points (7 games)
  14. Katie Schwenk (OD): 10.4ppg-73 points (7 games)
  15. Stephanie Shorter (W): 10.4ppg-104 points (10 games)

Career Coaching Records: (through 12-12-11)

  1. Terry Minix (OD): 253-136 .650 (19 years)
  2. John Hampton (NJ): 110-73 .601 (9 years)
  3. Dan Huizenga (K): 110-99 .526 (10 years)
  4. Gina Hierlmeier (WC): 81-39 .675 (6 years)
  5. Tony Scheub (C): 29-8 .783 (2 years)
  6. Rick Budka (SC): 27-41 .397 (4 years)
  7. Jeff Wagner (W): 21-12 .636 (2 years)
  8. Brian McMahan (L): 4-24 .142 (3 years)
  9. Kyle Amor (JG): 2-6 .250 (1 year)

Team Records: (through 12-12-11)

  1. Winamac: 8-2
  2. Oregon-Davis: 6-1
  3. NJSP: 5-2
  4. West Central: 5-2
  5. Culver: 4-6
  6. South Central: 2-4
  7. John Glenn: 2-6
  8. LaCrosse: 2-6
  9. Knox: 2-6

Accident Claims Life of Winamac Woman

A 39-year-old Winamac woman died as a result of injuries sustained in a single vehicle accident in Winamac early Friday morning.

A witness told police that she was inside her home at 478 N. 100 W. in Winamac when she heard the sound of a vehicle skidding on the roadway followed by a loud crash. The witness stated in the report that the driver was still inside the vehicle and she stayed with the vehicle until help arrived.

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Two Arrested in Pulaski County on Drug Charges

Brent Hughes
Dustin Hughes

Two Pulaski County residents were arrested on drug charges after a traffic stop on Monday, December 5th.

Officers in Medaryville pulled over a vehicle driven by Francesville resident, Brent Hughes. The reporting officer stated in the report that when he approached the vehicle, the driver appeared to be shaking and was very nervous. The officer learned that Hughes had a suspended driver’s license. Hughes and his passenger, Dustin Hughes, of Medaryville, were asked to step out of the vehicle and were restrained in handcuffs by other officers who arrived on scene for backup. One of the deputies reportedly found controlled substances in the car as well as a bag with marijuana in it. They were taken to the Pulaski County Jail.

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Debris Removal, Sediment Control Planned for Yellow River in Knox

Along with debris clean up along the Yellow River in Knox up to the Marshall County line, Starke County Surveyor Dennis Estok said that more work is planned for the Yellow River.

The projects on the drawing board include sediment control along the Yellow River and work on the Yellow River at Wythogan Park. Last summer, a drowning occurred at the U.S. 35 bridge on the Yellow River, and Estok said that area is really dangerous.

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Knox Community School Board Approves Bid for Intercom and Sound System

Gary Dulin, Jerry Fletcher, Harold Welter, Mary Lynn Ritchie, Kirk Bennett, Nathan Marcum, Mike Yankauskas, Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Qualified School Construction Bond project continues at Knox High School. Recently the water pipes were replaced and the pool was redone. At the time the bids were accepted on those projects, some alternative bids were put out too.

One of the bids was to replace student lockers and Superintendent A.J. Gappa talks about the second bid. Continue reading

Two Injured in Accident Involving Two Semis in Winamac

Two drivers were injured in an accident that involved two semi trucks in Winamac on Wednesday.

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department officers at the scene learned that Richard Vanes of Logansport was traveling in his semi on 550 South and came upon the intersection with 300 East in the Winamac area. Vanes said he was not sure if the semi that James Kline of Rochester was driving was going to stop at the intersection. Kline did not stop at the stop sign and traveled through the intersection. Vanes attempted to move to the other side of the roadway but was not able to avoid a collision. The trailer attached to Vanes’ semi slid off the roadway and struck a utility pole. The trailer then rolled over, spilling its contents into a field.

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Knox Residents are Urged to Recycle

Knox residents are being urged to recycle as much as possible. At a meeting with the Knox City Council and a representative from Waste Management two months ago, it was stated that the company would like to get the recycling percentage up to 30%. More tonnage is going into the garbage which could be recycled and that is keeping up garbage costs.

“We got a monthly tonnage report for September and there was 121.10 tons of trash and 13.2 tons of recycling,” said City Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston. “In October, there was 118.40 tons of trash and 14.2 tons of recycling.”

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Pulaski County Officials to be Sworn into Office on Thursday

Pulaski County Courthouse

All newly elected officials in Pulaski County will be sworn into office on Thursday, December 15th, at 4:30 p.m. ET, at the Pulaski County Courthouse.

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn and Pulaski County Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship will administer the oaths. You are invited to witness the event that will be held in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room on the second floor of the Courthouse.

Pulaski County Ronald Reagan Republicans of the Year Award Winners Announced

Bud Cummins accepts the Ronald Reagan Republican of the Year Award

Bud and Alice Cummins were recently named the recipients of the first ever Pulaski County Ronald Reagan Republican of the Year Award. The award was given to the pair during the recent dinner hosted by the Pulaski County Republican Women at the Francesville Fire Station. The annual dinner and auction helps raise money for the county Republican party.

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46 Children in Pulaski and White Counties Participate in Shop with a Cop Event

Officers from the Pulaski County and White County Sheriff’s Departments took 46 children from both counties shopping in the 3rd Annual Shop with a Cop event on Saturday.

The children enjoyed pizza and visiting with Santa before going shopping at the Monticello Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had awarded $1,000 to be used to purchase items for the children. A total of $2,640 was donated to the Shop with a Cop program by many generous donors in Pulaski County for the 20 children from Pulaski County who were chosen to participate.

The 20 children were randomly chosen by Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer from a list of children provided to him by Health and Human Services, Eastern Pulaski Schools and West Central Schools. Sheriff Gayer said that the look on the kids’ faces is worth the money and time put into this event.

From the WKVI Archives

Woody Hayes

Fifty years ago today the late Woody Hayes was in North Judson. The famous Ohio State coach was there speaking to the annual North Judson Quarterback Club. Marshall Teallow, a famous North Judson resident in his own right, was the President of the club.

So you don’t remember Woody Hayes? He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1983. Had three national championship teams at Ohio State and won 13 Big 10 Championships.

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Grant Received to do Work on Yellow River

Starke County is the recipient of a grant for debris removal on the Yellow River in the amount of $190,000. The grant money came from the Disaster Recovery Fund.

Starke County Surveyor, Dennis Estok, said there has been no removal of trees or debris in the Yellow River.

“That’s our main concern,” said Estok. “From Highway 35 in Knox going to the Starke/Marshall County line hasn’t been touched. In talking with some of the land owners, I don’t think it’s ever been touched. What we will do with this money, since it was for debris removal, we’re going to take the fallen trees and logs out of the river which will help tremendously.”

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Digital Books to Replace Libraries?

Henry F. Schricker Library

What’s the future of libraries in the digital age? We posed that question recently to Shelia Urwiler, Director of the Starke County Library system.

“E-books are changing the library landscape quite a bit and no one is one hundred percent sure how that’s going to work out,” said Urwiler. “We do know that we are going to transition more to e-books and less print eventually. I heard a speaker say that he thinks it will be in the next two to three years – I think that’s a little overestimating. I think we’re looking more at 15 to 20 before print really is more for special collections and archives.”

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Starke County ABATE Holds Annual Christmas Party

Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves make Christmas a little brighter for Starke County children

Over 200 children will have a brighter Christmas because of the efforts of the local ABATE organization. ABATE held its annual Christmas Party at the Bass Lake Country Club on Saturday.

Ernie Brewer, who is instrumental in gathering toys for the event, said the day is the most enjoyable for the ABATE members.

“We’re proud that we could do this for the kids of Starke County,” said Brewer.

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Two Christmas Trees Headed to Statehouse from Hensler’s Nursery

Kankakee Valley REMC workers help prepare the tree for the Statehouse. Photo provided by Kankakee Valley REMC

The Christmas trees for the Indiana Capitol have been cut and they’re ready for transport from Hensler’s Nursery in Hamlet.

Last week, a 25 foot Concolor Fir was cut for the Indiana Statehouse Rotunda. Also cut was an eight foot Fraser Fir for the Lt. Governor’s office.

Crew members from the Kankakee Valley REMC in Wanatah helped with the cutting.