Don’t Ignore Income Tax Filing Deadline


Federal and state income tax returns need to be filed tomorrow. Michelle Bachtel with H&R Block says you have options if you owe and are not able to pay. She adds the most important thing is not to panic

“If you can’t pay the full amount by April 15, just pay what as much as you can,” Bachtel said. “Even though interest will accrue on the amount owed, you’re not going to be arrested, and they’re not going to come knock on your door and seize your home.”

Both the IRS and Indiana Department of Revenue will allow taxpayers to make payment arrangements if you contact them and explain your situation.

Bachtel says ignoring the tax deadline is not wise, even if you can’t afford to pay. That’s because failure to file penalties are much higher than late payment penalties.

Find more information online at Filing a federal extension also gives you more time to file your Indiana taxes. Indiana Form IT-9 can be filed if a taxpayer does not have a federal extension. It must be mailed to the state department of revenue and postmarked by April 15.