Starke County Sheriff’s Office


10/01/18 A Walkerton resident reported a theft of items from his pole barn.

10/01/18 A Knox resident reported the theft of two air compressors.

10/01/18 A North Judson resident told dispatchers that some unknown man knocked on the door to her residence and was seen stumbling down the street.

10/02/18 A North Judson resident said her mailbox was torn out and left in the driveway.

10/02/18 A North Judson man asked to speak to officers about items stolen from his residence.

10/02/18 A Knox resident reported the theft of a vehicle.

10/02/18 A Walkerton resident complained of juveniles on 4-wheelers riding in the roadway.

10/03/18 A Walkerton resident told police that someone attempted to break into his barn again.

10/03/18 Police were notified that a man ran his SUV into a fence in the area of State Road 10 and 1075 W. in San Pierre.

10/03/18 Starke County emergency responders were called to an accident at 150 N. and State Road 23 in Grovertown.

10/03/18 A Knox resident told police that a large spider was in her bathroom. She notes that she is allergic to several different kinds of spiders.

10/04/18 A Knox resident reported items stolen from his house.

10/04/18 A forklift vs. vehicle accident was reported at Sabre in Knox.

10/04/18 A single vehicle accident was reported on 250 S. and State Road 39 in North Judson.

10/04/18 A Walkerton resident reported items stolen from his home.

10/04/18 Police were notified of unsanitary living conditions where a two-year-old resides. A needle was also seen in plain sight.

10/04/18 A North Judson man requested extra patrol as several of his vehicles were broken into and a suspicious gas can was found on the property.

10/05/18 A North Judson resident requested an officer saying that someone took gas from her daughter’s Jeep overnight.

10/05/18 Officers responded to an alleged fight between two inmates.

10/05/18 A North Judson man reported the theft of his four-wheeler only to reportedly find it at the pawn shop.

10/06/18 A car vs. deer accident was reported in the 3600 block of S. County Road 210 in Knox.

10/06/18 A Knox resident told dispatchers that he left his Jeep at U.S. 30 and U.S. 35 to go and get a spare tire and when he returned an hour later it was gone.

10/06/18 Emergency responders were called to U.S. 30 and 600 E. in Knox for a personal injury accident.

10/06/18 Police were notified of a car in the ditch on U.S. 30 by Midwest Trailer, but nobody was around.

10/07/18 A Grovertown resident asked for an officer to investigate several lights hovering in the sky.

10/07/18 A San Pierre resident told police that her house was broken into and her dog was stolen.

10/07/18 A North Judson resident told dispatchers that something is wrapped around a Bald Eagle’s foot in a tree on State Road 10 off of U.S. 35 in North Judson

Inclusion in the arrest reports is merely an indication an arrest was made and is not an indication of guilt. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


10/01/18 Joshua Warner, 39, of Fort Wayne, arrested on a felony arrest warrant.

10/01/18 Kenneth Camp, 33, of North Judson, arrested on a misdemeanor arrest warrant.

10/02/18 Bradley Lovely, 26, of Knox, arrested on misdemeanor arrest warrants.

10/02/18 Kalyn Gentry, 26, of Knox, arrested on a felony arrest warrant.

10/03/18 Michael Mann, 43, of Knox, arrested on a body attachment and a misdemeanor arrest warrant.

10/03/18 Auston Pezzuto, 18, of Knox, arrested on a felony arrest warrant.

10/04/18 John Allen, 34, of North Judson, arrested on a bond violation.