Stellar Planning Process Could Address Submerged Lifeguard Tower in Bass Lake

A longtime hazard in Bass Lake could finally be resolved as part of the planning process for Constellation of Starke’s Stellar efforts. A structure, believed to be an old lifeguard tower, that’s now submerged in the lake has repeatedly been discussed by the Starke County Park Board over the past few years. So far, they haven’t been able to find a way to remove it, and there have been doubts as to whether it’s the park board’s responsibility, anyway.

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Several Local Officials Attend Starke County Economic Development Foundation’s Community Retreat

A variety of local representatives gathered Tuesday morning to learn more about development opportunities during the Starke County Economic Development Foundation’s Community Retreat.

Those in attendance included members of the Starke County Chamber of Commerce as well as local officials from the communities of Bass Lake, Hamlet, Knox and North Judson. Continue reading

Starke County Flood Updates for Saturday

High water is still being reported in several sections of Starke County. Many area parks are remaining closed until further notice and major flooding has been confirmed around the Yellow, Brown and Kankakee River bridges as well as in areas near Bass Lake and English Lake.

Starke County EMA Director J. Nier is encouraging residents to submit damage reports through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website. Officials are collecting data to submit in order to potentially receive federal or state financial assistance with relief efforts. Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to Starke County EMA at 574-772-9182.

Starke County Highway Department representatives added there are few things that motorists can do can do to assist crews who are working on the flooding. Continue reading

Bass Lake Gas Station Sustains Structural Damage from Break-in Attempt, Prompts Starke County Sheriff’s Department Investigation

Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin reports that three male subjects wearing hoodies and masks covering their faces broke into the KP Corner gas station located at 7090 S State Road 10 in Bass Lake on December 21st. According to Sheriff Dulin, the incident occurred around 3:50 a.m. Thursday. Continue reading

Starke County Chamber of Commerce Announces Award Recipients

Members of the Starke County Chamber of Commerce met earlier this week to officially decide the winners of Business of the Year, the Above and Beyond Award and the Henry F. Schricker “Service Before Self” Award.

Starke County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jessica Craig reported that the winner of Business of the Year is the North Judson-based company First Choice Insurance owned by Carrie Block.

The winner of this year’s Henry F. Schricker Award is Jim Kersting. Craig said that Kersting was a recipient of the Business of the Year award back in 2015 but he has been nominated for the Schricker award three years in a row. Henry F. Schricker Award Committee members, as well as past winners, decided to grant Kersting with the award this year for his continued service to the community.

The winner of the Above and Beyond award is Starke County A.B.A.T.E. This award can go to an individual, a business or an organization. This year the award when to the Starke County American Bikers Aimed Toward Education for their countless fundraising efforts and immersive community involvement. Continue reading