Stellar Planning Process Could Address Submerged Lifeguard Tower in Bass Lake

A longtime hazard in Bass Lake could finally be resolved as part of the planning process for Constellation of Starke’s Stellar efforts. A structure, believed to be an old lifeguard tower, that’s now submerged in the lake has repeatedly been discussed by the Starke County Park Board over the past few years. So far, they haven’t been able to find a way to remove it, and there have been doubts as to whether it’s the park board’s responsibility, anyway.

During Tuesday’s park board meeting, Board Member Rik Ritzler said the matter could possibly be solved by the consultants working on larger improvement plans for the Bass Lake Beach. “That is something, if they’re doing the renovations and the plans for a pier and things, they could do that work and look that up,” Ritzler explained, “and I will talk to Jodi Coblentz from DLZ and the architect when they’re there and say, ‘Hey, can you guys research that because that will be part of your contract.'”

Ritzler felt the process could prove whether or not the potential hazard is the state’s responsibility. “The good thing about this is that DLZ, when they do the architectural work, will have to get environmental permits, and part of the environmental permits will be getting that out of there, I’m sure,” he said. “And if they could easily show that that’s the state’s responsibility, DNR may – who knows – someone may take that responsibility.”

A new pier, lodge, and boardwalk are being discussed as some of Constellation of Starke’s potential Stellar projects.