April 13-19 is National Telecommunicators Week

  This week is National Telecommunicators Week.

When you call 911, the dispatcher is the first person you speak to in an emergency. The dispatcher helps communicate emergency services to police officers, ambulance services and fire departments.

In one second, a dispatcher may be relaying license and registration information to an officer and the next second that dispatcher may be signaling fire, EMS and police to the scene of an accident or coordinating communication for a high speed pursuit.

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National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week Showcases Dispatchers

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department

When you have an emergency and call 911, the first person you talk to is an emergency dispatcher. This week we are saluting all of those who assist the public in the case of an emergency and who can communicate to all personnel in the case of an emergency. It’s National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer said the dispatchers are the most important people in an emergency situation.

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National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week Focuses on the Efforts of Dispatchers

Melissa Osburn

We have been recognizing emergency dispatchers this week for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. Melissa Osburn, who has been at the Starke County Sheriff’s Department for two years, says they take a variety of emergency calls.

“It can be anything from a medical emergency, structure fire, grass fires, civil matters – it’s anything that anyone would have a problem with,” said Osburn.

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