First Ever Merit Foundation ‘Cornerstone Event’ to be Held Tomorrow!

The first of many Cornerstone events hosted by the Merit Foundation is taking place tomorrow!

The Merit Foundation is working to build a community gathering space that they plan to call Cornerstone. Though it may appear to be a simple coffee shop, it will be much more than that. The goal is to build a place where local creativity will be celebrated. Continue reading

Knox Mayor Alerts Council Members and Residents of Ongoing Work Downtown

Knox residents are being asked to remain patient as Reith Riley crews conduct sidewalk reconstruction as well as roadwork in the downtown area.

During Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok informed members and meeting attendees that ‘no parking signs’ have been placed in various spots around town and they will be moved to other areas as work continues. Continue reading

Knox City Council Holds First Reading over Ordinance Eliminating Obstructions

Knox City Council members held the first reading over the amended ordinance regulating obstruction of sidewalks, streets and railroad crossings for the City of Knox when they met Wednesday evening. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston mentioned that the ordinance was created by taking their existing sidewalk obstruction ordinance and combining it with additional specifications that are addressed in state statute.

The majority of feed back from council members was specifically about the section regarding placement of vehicles. Certain members were seeking clarification about the section which indicates that vehicles cannot be within fifty feet of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing. Continue reading

Knox City Council Members Start Process to Revamp Side Walk Obstruction Ordinance

Knox City Council members reviewed changes to the city’s sidewalk obstruction ordinance when they met Tuesday night.

Mayor Dennis Estok stated that no official action would be taken on the ordinance last night, but he wanted to submit it to council members prior to first reading incase they had any suggestions.

Issues with vehicles parking on sidewalks and large vehicles blocking the roadways have been brought up as council items during various meetings over the past few months. Councilman Jeff Berg recently showed fellow members that a sidewalk obstruction ordinance is on the books for the City of Knox.

However, the ordinance only covered structures and didn’t directly address vehicles. Council members agreed to amend the existing ordinance to cover the topics that have been discussed. Continue reading

Knox City Council Unofficially Discusses Potential New Lighting Downtown

Mayor Dennis Estok has been discussing the possibility of replacing the lights in the downtown area during the last few Knox City Council meetings. They have been experimenting with a new kind of bulb. When they first met in September, he suggested that the council members take a little time after the meeting was adjourned to see the change and provide their input.

At their meeting last Tuesday, Mayor Estok said the experiment bulb was moved from its initial placement due to an obstruction from a near by tree. However, even with the tree covering the original spot, many council members said they could see a definite difference in brightness. Continue reading

LeRoy Gudeman Retires from Law Practice after 57 Years

LeRoy Gudeman
LeRoy Gudeman

After having a long, successful law practice in Starke County, LeRoy Gudeman has decided to retire.

Gudeman worked by himself out of the same building across the street from the Starke County Courthouse in downtown Knox since moving to the area in 1957. He has been a part of the community in many activities and has been on the Kankakee Valley Broadcasting board of directors that oversees operations at WKVI for many years.

Continue reading

Residents Gather to Discuss the Future of Downtown Knox

This is the one of locations discussed at last night's meeting. This is the old Everett's Drug Store/movie theatre building

Approximately three dozen people attended the first meeting called last night to gain ideas for improving downtown Knox.

The meeting was chaired by Mayor Rick Chambers and Gene Blastic from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation.

Many of the comments had to do with buildings that have fallen into disrepair. Knox City Councilman, Greg Matt, said it’s obvious the City Council is going to have to create ordinances with more stringent codes to force the building owners into action.

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