Don’t Let a Skimmer Scam Ruin Your Summer

Federal Trade Commission officials are warning motorists to avoid being scammed by skimmers this summer travel season.

A “skimmer” is an illegal card reader that attaches to credit card slots and steals data off of your card’s magnetic strip. They’re used most frequently at gas pumps. Criminals sell this info or use it to buy items online. Card owners may not even realize their information has been stolen until they receive their statement or an overdraft notice.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to spot a skimmer to protect your personal information from potential thieves. Continue reading

U.S. Marshal Phone Scam Alert

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a U.S. Marshal, be wary of their instructions. The Federal Trade Commission is warning people about a recent scam involving impostors threatening individuals with arrest in order to get money from them.

Consumer Education Specialist Bridget Small said that U.S. Marshals do a lot of things, they protect the federal courts, track down dangerous fugitives and transport thousands of prisoners. What they don’t do is make calls and threaten to arrest people or fine them for missing jury duty. Continue reading

ISP Officials Warn of Computer Scam

scamA scam involving internet users is making the rounds, according to the Indiana State Police. They’ve gotten several reports of people receiving random tech support pop-up ads while surfing the web. The messages ask the user to call a telephone number to fix a problem with the machine and strongly suggest it be done immediately. Continue reading

Beware of Caller ID Spoofing

Call spoofing telephone scamThe latest telephone scam reported in the area involves so-called “caller ID spoofing.” The LaPorte Police Department has received several reports of people getting calls from alleged IRS or police department representatives regarding IRS business. The caller ID shows the LaPorte Police Department number, and when residents call to verify information they get the same scam caller back. Continue reading