Knox City Council Members Sign Annual Nepotism Contracts

Nepotism contracts were passed out and signed during Tuesday night’s Knox City Council meeting.

Nepotism contracts are signed to prevent any potential conflicts-of-interest from occurring within a municipality. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston informed the council members that during a meeting he recently attended, he was advised to include this on the agenda even though it is an annual procedure.

Houston said there was one document that was passed out and signed to all the present council members. He added that since Councilman Don Kring recently completed some work for the city police department, there was another document only needed his signature. Continue reading

Knox City Council Adopts ADA Procedures Ordinance and Appoints a Coordinator

Knox City Council members appointed Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston to the position of ADA Coordinator when they met Tuesday night. Members also approved an ordinance pertaining to ADA procedures.

Houston informed the council of the seven suggested steps that public entities must take, related to the American’s with Disabilities Act.

The first step is implementation. Houston explained they initially took this step a few years ago when they renovated city sidewalks to be ADA compliant. Continue reading