Knox Clerk-Treasurer Announces He Won’t Be Running for Re-Election

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston announced that he will not be running for re-election when city council members met Wednesday night.

Houston explained that he plans to finish out his entire term but he won’t be entering as a candidate in the clerk-treasurer’s race next year.

He stated, “I am very proud of the things that have been accomplished in the last 12 years while I’ve been clerk-treasurer but I’m thinking it might be time to get some new blood in here.”

Councilwoman Bertha Blue, who used to work in the clerk-treasurer’s office, recognized Houston for the dedication he’s shown as the head of that department. Additionally, Mayor Dennis Estok and the remainder of the council members let Houston know that he will be missed.

Tangentially, Houston mentioned that anyone interested in running in the municipal election will have to apply soon. He noted that the first day to file will be on Wednesday, January 9th and the final day to file declaration of candidacy to run in the primary election is Friday, February 8th.