Marshall County Health Department to Offer Narcan Training This Week in Plymouth, Culver

A few chances to learn to use the potentially life-saving drug Narcan are being offered by the Marshall County Health Department this week. Training sessions will be held today at 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. at the Community Resource Center in Plymouth. Health board member Tracy Fox told the Culver Town Council last week that a third training has been scheduled for this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at the Culver Beach Lodge.

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Marshall County Health Department to Implement Breastfeeding Education Programs


The Marshall County Health Department will be doing more to promote breastfeeding programs and support in the community due to a state mandate.

Annette Osborn from the health department explained to the Marshall County Council this week that a part-time WIC employee will need to increase work hours by four hours per week due to the new mandate for breastfeeding education.

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Marshall County Health Department Highlights Septic Issues Near County Lakes

The Marshall County Health Department made a presentation at at the recent meeting of the Marshall County Lakes and Waters Council to elaborate on some of the common septic problems that occur around Marshall County lakes. According to Wes Burden, administrator for the health department, every on-site disposal system has similar issues, including separation distances between wells, septic fields, drains, ditches, tiles, structures and bodies of water. He explained less than 15 percent of slopes are suitable for an in-ground system, with 6 percent or less suitable for a mound system.

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Marshall County Council Tables Health Department Insurance Funding Request

Wes Burden from the Marshall County Health Department appeared before the county council Monday morning to request that the health educator be paid health insurance through grant funding as her hours will go over the 28 hours per week requirement.

The health educator works hard in preparing paperwork for grants that are beneficial for the county health department which requires a lot of time. Burden explained that she works 20 hours a week in her regular duties as the health educator and to prepare the many grants takes more time out of her regular work days.

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