Closed POD Approved for the Town of Culver

The Culver Town Council approved a request from the Marshall County Health Department to host a closed POD for medication disbursement in the town.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained that if a state-wide event happened, for instance a severe H1N1 virus outbreak or a bioterrorism attack, medications could be distributed to the town to ensure that the town employees and their families would be at the top priority in receiving any vaccinations or antibiotics in order to assist others and continue in their regular work duties.

It would also provide a quicker distribution time for residents by not standing and waiting at a centralized location. There are many of the PODS that will be set up around Marshall County.

The health department provided an outline of what a plan should look like should an emergency of a threatening nature should arise. The Culver-Union Township EMS would run the closed POD while the Culver Police Department would be in charge of picking up the necessary medications.

The town council members approved the request with a unanimous vote.