North Judson Town Council Approves Health Insurance Plan for Town Employees

North Judson Town Council continued their discussion over town employee health insurance when they met last Monday.

Councilman John Rowe noted that he did find an error while reviewing the figures where the current plan was said to cost $3,674 per month. He said he thought the Town’s monthly charge was more than that. Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe confirmed that the current plan is actually $4,128 per month.

Councilman Rowe went on to provide his recommendation for the health insurance plan. The plan he chose was alternate three from Anthem. He mentioned that it has a $3,921 monthly charge associated with it. Continue reading

North Judson Officials to Look at Alternative Splash Pad Providers to Compare Prices

Now that North Judson officials have received a few different splash pad designs from Vortex Aquatic Structures, they’ll be looking into some different companies to ensure they’re making the most financially feasible decision.

When Town Council members met last Monday, Councilman James Young said he’ll be bringing the two new renderings from Vortex to the next meeting. He also encouraged his fellow council members to check into some alternative splash pad providers. Continue reading

NJ Town Council Amends Water Revenue Bond Ordinance to Reflect SRF Public Pool Interest Rate

North Judson Town Council members were required to make an amendment to the Town’s 2018 water revenue bonds ordinance when they met Monday night.

As previously reported, the Town is funding their drinking water project with money from a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan. When members initially passed the water revenue bond ordinance, they included the anticipated interest rate which was 3.25 percent. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Secures Potential Domain Names for Website

Picture Source: Town of North Judson FB Page

North Judson officials took a major step forward with their website creation process this week by securing viable domain names. Officials have been brainstorming about potential names to give the Town’s website. Those options were provided to Datacrates, the company the Town is working with on this project. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Covers Preliminary Cost Estimate for Norwayne Field Splash Pad

North Judson Town Council members held a preliminary discussion about financing for the proposed splash pad installation at Norwayne Field when they met on Tuesday.

Since there seems to be a general consensus amongst community members and town representatives that this is a positive project to pursue, Councilman James Young said he’s been coordinating with Bill Smith from Vortex Aquatic Structures about developing a plan.

Councilman Young said he told Smith the Town is looking to spend approximately $60,000 or less for the installation of the recreational water feature.  Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Decides on Company to Create Official Website

Picture Source: Town of North Judson FB Page

North Judson Town Council members took a major step toward getting an official town website created when they met this week.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe told council members on Tuesday that he’s been having conversations with Brian Pinson from SpiderByte IT about the costs associated with such a project. Continue reading