Winamac Lumber Repays Revolving Loan

Winamac LumberA Winamac business has paid off a business loan to the Pulaski County Revolving Loan Fund a year ahead of schedule. The county loaned $100,000 to All Seasons Home Center manager Kyle Kruzick and local contractor Phil White in September of 2011 to operate a home improvement store in the All Seasons buildings. The loan allowed the newly-established Winamac Lumber Yard to buy fixtures and equipment from All Seasons.

On Jan. 1, 2013 White and his wife bought out Kruzick’s share of the company and later purchased the property from his family. Continue reading

Commissioners Approve Company to Handle Revolving Loan Applications

 Approval has been given to the Pulaski County Community Development Commission (CDC) to contract with Valparaiso-based Regional Development Company (RDC) to handle the financial administration aspect of the revolving loan fund.

Pulaski County CDC Executive Director Nathan Origer told the Pulaski County Commissioners this week that the RDC will receive the application and run a credit report plus gather personal or business tax forms. The county will then receive a credit memo as part of the process in applying for a revolving loan. The RDC will give a ranking to a committee set up by the Pulaski County CDC. Other aspects will be considered in an overall ranking which will be presented to the Commissioners for approval or denial of a loan.

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Pulaski County CDC Establishes County Bicentennial Committee

Indiana BicentennialOfficials in Pulaski County are making plans to celebrate Indiana’s 200th birthday. The Pulaski County Community Development Commission recently established the Pulaski County Bicentennial Committee. It will serve as a liaison to the Indiana State Bicentennial Commission.

Activities across Indiana in 2016 will celebrate 200 years of statehood with Legacy Projects, an Olympic-style torch relay across the state and other events. Continue reading

Land to be Appraised in Pulaski County Industrial Park

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentPulaski County Community Development Commission Director Nathan Origer told the commissioners last week that appraisals will be done on some land in the industrial park for possible development.

Origer said there are two potential projects coming to the area that would allow the land to go up for sale or lease. Indiana code mandates that two separate appraisals will be done in order for that to move forward.

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Pulaski County Considering Career and Technical Education Grant Application

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentThe Pulaski County Community Development Commission may apply for a state grant to provide job skills training to high school students. County economic development director Nathan P. Origer says funds are available through the Career and Technical Education Innovative Curriculum Grant program to set up industrial repair and maintenance training programs at Winamac Community and West Central High Schools. Origer says it is a really high-demand occupation in the manufacturing sector locally and regionally. Continue reading

Pulaski County County Commissioners Receive Update on Zoning Ordinances


The executive director of the Pulaski County Community Development Commission updated the county commissioners this week on plans to revamp the zoning ordinances.

Nathan Origer explained that the county council approved the transfer of funds from the CDC land acquisition account for the project and plans are progressing.

“Once I have the CDC’s formal approval and the plan commission’s formal recommendation to the commissioners, I will bring it to you. I will get a copy to you in advance as soon as we tweak any details. I sent a list of minor concerns to the company that has submitted the proposal. They don’t anticipate starting the project until mid-November and finishing in early spring. We are still negotiating with Francesville and Winamac to see if either of them want to adopt that same ordinance so that even though they’ll retain their same jurisdictions the rules will be the same across the county,” said Origer.

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Workshop Planned for Entrepreneurs

ISBDCRon Gifford from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation will be presenting a workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 16 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET at the Pulaski County Public Library in Winamac.

Gifford serves as the Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center Business Advisor for Starke County and Pulaski County. This workshop aims to help entrepreneurs evaluate their business ideas, prepare a sound business plan, manage expectations and increase chances of accessing capital.

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Winamac Hotel Project on Hold

The hotel project in Winamac is in a holding pattern, according to Nathan Origer, Director of the Pulaski County Community Development Commission.

He indicated that they are working out some details with the hotel company, Wisconsin-based Cobblestone Development.

“We are trying to get on the same page on some different financing options,” explained Origer. “We’re also still looking at final property options. We are still very eagerly looking for individuals in the Winamac area who are interested in learning more about investing in the project.”

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Pulaski Council Commits $10,000 to Monterey Wastewater Project

The town of Monterey has cleared another hurdle as they look to build a wastewater plant with the assistance of the Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Nathan Origer, executive director of the Pulaski County Community Development Commission, approached the county council at their meeting Monday night and requested on behalf of the town $10,000 to help in the town’s endeavor.

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Town of Monterey Looking to Build Wastewater Plant

Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Vice President Terry Young, and President Tracey Shorter
Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Vice President Terry Young, and President Tracey Shorter
The town of Monterey is looking to undertake a massive project through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and they’ve asked Pulaski County to kick some funds their way to help in the endeavor. According to Nathan Origer, executive director of the Pulaski County Community Development Commission, the town has announced plans to apply for a grant to allow them to construct a wastewater plant at a cost of roughly $200,000.

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