Pulaski County EMS Director to Step Down Friday, Interim Director Appointed

Pulaski County EMS Director Bryan Corn made his resignation official during Monday’s county commissioners meeting. “I did send you guys a letter,” he explained. “I’ll go ahead, and we’ll make it public. We’ll make it official. I will be resigning my position as the EMS director. That will be effective this coming Friday, December 7.”

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Pulaski County EMS Seeks Construction Quotes for Winamac Ambulance Garage Expansion


Pulaski County Emergency Medical Services is seeking quotes for an addition to its Winamac ambulance garage. After having had a chance to review updated expansion plans from EMS Director Bryan Corn, the commissioners had no questions or issues with the proposal during last week’s meeting. They gave Corn the go-ahead to start seeking cost estimates. Continue reading

Pulaski County EMS Director Presents Updated Proposal for Winamac Ambulance Garage Expansion

Updated plans for an addition to the Winamac ambulance garage were presented to the Pulaski County Commissioners Monday. EMS Director Bryan Corn said he’s scaled the proposal back significantly from what former EMS Director Nikki Lowry had requested last year. “We took the porch off. We don’t need the porch,” he said. “We took all the interior rooms out. We don’t need the interior rooms. We can make it work without having the interior rooms in there. So essentially what this would be is just an open addition onto the garage.”

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Pulaski Council, Commissioners to Revisit Winamac Ambulance Garage Expansion

Pulaski County Emergency Medical Services is once again asking for more room for its ambulances. EMS Director Bryan Corn told the county council and commissioners last week that the department’s trucks are outgrowing the Winamac EMS garage. “Our oldest truck, she’s really, really long,” Corn explained, “and in order to get the garage door to close, you about have to put it into the wall a little bit.”

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Pulaski County Commissioners to Consider IT Director Appointment, Hear Department Reports

Pulaski County Commissioners: Bud Krohn Jr., Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners may appoint a new county IT director during this morning’s meeting. They interviewed candidates last month, but decided to hold off on making a choice during their July 3 meeting. Pulaski County’s first full-time IT director, RB Walters, resigned from the position at the end of March.

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