Pulaski County Plan Commission to Continue Discussing Wind Turbine Regulations Tonight

Pulaski County’s wind turbine regulations will continue to be discussed by the advisory plan commission tonight. Members have been working on updates to the county’s Unified Development Ordinance, to address concerns over a proposed wind farm. They had hoped to have some proposed changes narrowed down after a work session last month, but they still had some questions about what impact wind turbines would have on wells, drainage tiles, private airports, and migratory birds.

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Pulaski County Health Department Faces Funding Challenges

Funding challenges are causing concerns for the Pulaski County Health Department. “In doing our year-end reports for our health board meeting, it’s come to our attention that we only received about $40,000 in settlement this year,” Department Office Manager Terri Hansen told the county council Monday. “We usually get at least double that.”

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Pulaski County to Pay for Hepatitis Shots for Maintenance Staff

Concerns about hepatitis have Pulaski County vaccinating its maintenance staff.

The county commissioners agreed Tuesday to cover the cost of hepatitis shots for maintenance workers, at the request of Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston.

“My folks work in the jail all the time,” he explained. “We’re back in the cell blocks. We’re in the kitchen. There’s always maintenance to do over there, things to fix. And there is a presence of hepatitis in the jail.” Continue reading

Pulaski County Emergency Personnel Collaborate in Tabletop Exercise


A tabletop exercise was held yesterday in Pulaski County to gather emergency personnel together to determine how to handle a mass disaster.

Pulaski County Preparedness Coordinator Sherry Fagner said the scenario put together information from entities from the hospital, health department, schools, police, EMS, EMA, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana State Department of Health, and media.

“We did a lot of collaboration on if it was a true event that a public health emergency was declared,” said Fagner.

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Pulaski County Health Department Receives Grant


The Pulaski County Health Department received a reimbursable grant for supplies in the office.

Sherry Fagner told the commissioners this week that the State Department of Health Public Preparedness Base Grant is worth $13,460.

“We’re doing some updated packet printing for our partners. As far as supplies, we kind of have a lot of different things on there to update our Go Kits for our partners and to support a POD or any other event that we have to do,” explained Fagner.

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Justice Center Equipment Installation Delayed

Pulaski County Justice Center
Pulaski County Justice Center

The water heater installation at the Pulaski County Justice Center has been delayed, according to Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston.

“One of the delays was with a vendor where they ordered parts for their machinery. That kind of set us back a little bit. They now have the parts that they need. They have most of the water lines in place. This week they’re going to start up the one unit and take the old one off line. We’re going to run it for a while to make sure that we have confidence that it’s going to do the job. Then they’ll remove the old one altogether and start installing the second one,” said Johnston.

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Take Steps to Prevent the Flu


The flu season is underway and health officials urge you to take steps now to prevent the flu.

Influenza is a viral infection of the respiratory tract and is spread by droplets from close contact with infected people or contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. Symptoms of the flu include fever, headache, fatigue, cough, muscle aches and sore throat.

Some people are at higher risk of complications related to the flu including pregnant women, young children, those with chronic illnesses and/or compromised immune systems and the elderly.

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New Generator to be Installed Soon at Pulaski County Health Department


A generator will soon be installed for use by the Pulaski County Health Department.

The Pulaski County Council members approved an additional appropriation for the purchase in the amount of $3,500 in a prior meeting. It was advertised and approved again on Monday night.

Terri Hansen from the health department approached the council members on Monday where she reported that the generator still hasn’t been installed. The generator has been delivered but it’s in storage at the moment until it can be professionally installed. She expressed her frustration in the delay of the project.

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Pulaski County Health Department out of Flu Shots


Residents are wasting no time in getting flu shots in Pulaski County.

The Pulaski County Health Department is out of the vaccine for those aged three and older. The flu mist is still available through the Vaccine for Children program for those who are underinsured, uninsured and on Medicaid. Private stock doses remain for children aged six months to two years.

For those who have never had the shot before, two shots must be administered one month apart. The cost for the vaccine is $20.

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New Generator for Health Department to be Installed Soon


The new generator for the Pulaski County Health Department was to be delivered this week.

Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston told the commissioners Monday night that it will be stored until a company can properly install it. The Pulaski County council members approved the money for the generator at their meeting last week.

The commissioners previously approved the purchase of a similar self-starting generator for the county home in the amount of $3,500, but the council members did not bring the purchase request to a motion last week. Commissioner Terry Young expressed his frustration in that lack of action by the council.

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Pulaski County Council Approves Funding for Health Department Generator

Pulaski County Courthouse
Pulaski County Courthouse

The Pulaski County Council approved the purchase of a generator for the health department.

Terri Hansen had been asking for a generator for the department for several years. After working with county maintenance director Jeff Johnston, Hansen said they are ready to make the purchase.

“Jeff Johnston, I talked with him a couple of times and he said the generator that would run our office is about $2,900. I’m asking for an additional in equipment for $3,500 for the generator and for any cost for the hookup,” said Hansen.

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Pulaski County Health Department Not Soliciting Donations


Officials at the Pulaski County Health Department are warning residents that they are not soliciting donations for cancer research awareness.

Administrator Terri Hansen told WKVI News that some residents have gotten calls from scammers who are announcing that they are from the health department and looking for donations when the department is not making these calls. Hansen said they would not call anyone for such a cause.

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Pulaski County Commissioners to Have Generator Information on July 7

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Director of Maintenance for Pulaski County gave an update on the generator situation to the commissioners Monday night.

Jeff Johnston has talked with officials with Hyre Electric out of Valparaiso to give him details about connectors to hook up generators to the courthouse, annex, county home, recycling center and highway department. He’s also gathering information whether or not what the county has is sufficient enough to work or if generators will need to be purchased.

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Check for Ticks to Prevent Getting Sick

6-13-14 Ticks picEach year the Centers for Disease Control receives approximately 30,000 reports of Lyme disease in the United States. It is a potentially serious bacterial infection that is transmitted through the bite of certain species of ticks.

According to the State Department of Health, the concentration of ticks will be higher this year due to the long, cold winter. Pulaski County Health Department Director of Environmental Health, Terri Hansen, has a few tips to take into consideration when it comes to keeping ticks off of your pets, your loved ones and yourself this summer season.

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Generator Issue for Two Pulaski County Entities Still under Discussion


Officials in Pulaski County are still looking into getting more details in outfitting the county home and the Pulaski County Health Department with generators.

In previous settings, county home and health department workers have asked the commissioners for hard-wired generators that will be activated if the power would happen to go out. Currently, there isn’t a generator on hand to keep the power going in an instance of a storm or other event where the electricity could be out for some time.

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