Open Seats in Pulaski County for 2018 Elections

Wednesday marks the first day a declaration of candidacy may be filed and several Pulaski County positions will be up for election this year.

Seats are open for Circuit Court and Superior Court Judges who each serve 6-year terms. Elections will also be held for the 4-year terms of Prosecuting Attorney, Clerk of Courts, the Sheriff, Assessor, Surveyor, Coroner and Commissioner for District #3. All registered voters can vote for these positions and may also cast a vote for the delegate to State Conventions. Continue reading

Judge Blankenship to Ponder Starke County Property Case


Pulaski County Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship will take a few days to mull over a decision concerning legal action between the Starke County Board of Zoning Appeals, George and Betty Dotlich and Julia Ford.

The Starke County Board of Zoning Appeals and attorney Martin Bedrock filed a motion in court to show cause as to why Julia Ford has not removed a structure that was ordered to be done by the BZA in the Grovertown area. The issue was if she violated the terms of the court order and was to held in contempt of court.

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Two Arrested in Pulaski County on Drug Charges

Paul Hudson

Kaley Deford

Two people were arrested in Pulaski County on drug charges after a short investigation on Thursday, October 20th.

Police were traveling on 60 West off of State Road 14 when police reportedly observed a vehicle traveling off the roadway, according to the police report. Police turned around to investigate and when they caught up to the vehicle the driver had stopped and pulled off to the side of the roadway. The passenger, Paul Hudson, of Logansport, was on his knees reportedly looking for an earring. Police were given permission to search the vehicle by the driver, Kaley Deford, of Kewanna, and police allegedly found marijuana, and prescription medication without a prescription in the vehicle. Kaley Deford allegedly admitted to police that a pipe found in a hat was hers as well as the pills. Hudson reportedly admitted that the marijuana found in the vehicle was his.

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