Winamac Park Board Plans Demolition of Town Park Restrooms in Preparation for Replacement Project

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Park Board is still waiting for grant funding to be released for the replacement of the Town Park restrooms. The town applied for a Land and Water Conservation Fund matching grant through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources back in 2018.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm told board members Thursday that the only thing left to be done is the recording of a deed. That’s expected to be finalized within the next week. Schramm said that after that, the funding can be released.

In the meantime, board members agreed to get quotes for the demolition of the current restrooms, as well as the installation and compaction of sand. Board Member Jon Chapman said he wants that work to start as soon as the money is in place, so the site will be ready for the construction contractor. “The contractor’s going to be gone during the month of January, and if that site is prepared, if weather gives him the opportunity, he would do some work in February to get things started,” Chapman said.

Schramm said that based on the expected cost of the demolition, town officials would simply have to reach out to three potential contractors. The park board has hired the FORM-IT Corporation to build the new restrooms for a cost of $165,000.