Today is the Final Day You Can Register to Vote in the November General Election!

Today is the absolute last day that voters can register or update their registration information. Even if you think you’re registered, you should double check to make sure all the listed information is accurate.

You have until the end of business hours today to visit the county clerk’s office to register in person or you can register online at Continue reading

Absentee Voting Continues in Pulaski and Starke Counties

Primary Election day is just around the corner, and while some people will be venturing to the polls on May 8th, there are many people in Starke and Pulaski counties who have opted to vote early.

The Pulaski County Clerk’s Office reported that, as of Saturday afternoon, 22 ballots have been cast by mail, 35 individuals have cast ballots by travel board and 204 in-person absentee ballots have been cast.

According to the Starke County Clerk’s Office, between April 10th and April 28th, 21 ballots have been cast through the travel board, 39 mail-in ballots have been received and there were a total of 356 ballots cast by walk-ins. Continue reading

Absentee Voting Underway in Starke, Pulaski Counties

With Primary Election Day still over two weeks away, many voters are choosing to cast their ballots early. The Starke County Clerk’s Office says 177 in-person absentee ballots had been cast as of Friday afternoon. Another 31 had voted by mail and 11 by travel board. In Pulaski County, 96 people had voted in-person and 49 by mail, according to the Clerk’s Office.

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Absentee Voting for Primary Election Starts Today

Today is the first-day voters may cast an absentee ballot for the 2018 primary election, which means you can walk into an absentee location and cast an early vote for the primary.

All registered Indiana voters are eligible to vote absentee-in-person at their county election board office, just don’t forget to bring a valid ID with you. Specific dates and locations for absentee voting can be found below: Continue reading

Two Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court on Drug Charges

Two defendants charged with a felony level of possession of methamphetamine were sentenced in Starke Circuit Court Wednesday morning.

Debra Trusty, 46, pleaded guilty in a plea agreement with the prosecutor’s office to the charge. She admitted that she was in possession of the drug while in a police vehicle while enroute to the Starke County Jail on Dec. 5, 2015. Trusty’s attorney, Leslie Baker, explained that she successfully completed treatment and is gainfully employed. She is also attempting to make changes in her life to keep herself sober.

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Starke County Election Board to Enforce Deadlines on Candidate Financial Statements

The Starke County Election Board is cracking down on candidates who don’t turn in their financial statements on time. “They have to close out their candidacy by preparing the forms according to the deadlines,” Election Board President Peg Brettin explained during last week’s meeting. “If they don’t, the way the law is set up, the county election boards throughout the State of Indiana can have a hearing for them, can bring them before the board, can assess them.”

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Starke County Absentee Voting Information


This is the first day for prospective General Election voters to cast absentee ballots. Registered Starke County voters may do so on the second floor of the courthouse weekdays from 8 a.m. until noon and from 1 until 4 p.m. Please be sure to bring a government-issued photo ID. Only voters who reside in Starke County may vote at the courthouse. Continue reading

Starke County Reports Strong Early Voting Turnout


Starke County voters who did not cast ballots during the absentee period will need to vote in their assigned precincts today.

Turnout has been healthy so far, according to officials with the Starke County Clerk’s Office. Absentee voting wrapped up yesterday at noon, with a total of 1,081 votes cast. Of those, 867 were in person, 160 were mailed in, 33 were cast by traveling board and one came from a military member. Continue reading

Starke County Absentee Voting Hours


This is the first day to vote absentee in advance of the May 3rd primary election. Polls will be open at the Starke County Courthouse each Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until noon and from 1 until 4 p.m. through Friday, April 29th. Voters must bring a photo identification with them to cast ballots in the second floor meeting room. Continue reading