Veteran’s Day Service Held at Knox Schools

Harvey Hatfield, Dan Siakowski and Tim Shepherd, members of the Knox VFW Post #748 participated in the presentation of the colors at the Veteran's Day programs

Veteran’s Day programs were held in communities and schools throughout the Kankakee Valley area today. At Knox, Travis Flora, a United States Marine veteran spoke to the assembled students at the high school and middle school using the theme, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” Following the presentation, Flora told what Veteran’s Day means to him.

“Veteran’s Day is a time where we pause and reflect and thank those millions of people who have come before us and those millions of people who are currently serving and defending our way of life,” said Flora. “I would like those students to realize that within every veteran there’s a story and that they should ask those veterans their story. They may not hear what they want to hear but in the end, if they listen, they’ll have a better understanding of what a veteran is. When you see that sign outside of the VFW that reads ‘Freedom is not Free’, they should realize that our freedom has been bought and paid for by people who have signed their name on the dotted line and sacrificed.”

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