Winamac Town Council Considers Bids for Cemetery Mowing Contract

Winamac Town Council members opened bids for the Town’s cemetery mowing contract when they met Monday night. Council President Tom Murray opened the bids and read them into the record. However, he ran into a bit of an issue with identifying who the first bid was from.

Murray stated, “This first bid is for $2,650 per time.” Town Manager Brad Zellers inquired about the bidder and Murray replied, “There’s no name on it, there’s a date of estimate and it has a phone number on it but no name.” Continue reading

Winamac Cemetery A Topic of Concern At Town Council Meeting

A Winamac resident came before the town council this week to discuss the state of the town cemetery. At Monday’s Town Council meeting, long-time resident Al Breyfogle shared a story about his son’s cemetery plot.

He explained that his son passed away in October last year and was buried in the Winamac Cemetery. Breyfogle explained that he was notified when the headstone came in and when he went to take a look at it, he was dismayed to find that the cemetery was not mowed. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Opens Bids for Cemetery Mowing Contract

Winamac town council members opened mowing bids for the town cemetery when they met last Monday.

Council President Tom Murray opened two bids for the mowing contracts. The first came from Councilman Dan Vanaman for $1,950. President Murray mentioned that an insurance certificate came with the bid and that it indicated that the price for mow and trim for each time.

The second bid came Compton Lawn Care for $2,875 per mowing. President Murray said he believed they couldn’t meet the terms of the bid since it indicated that payment terms due five business days after invoice and the invoice would be submitted immediately after the mowing job. Continue reading

Preservation of Winamac Cemetery Discussed During Town Council Meeting

A citizen concerned about the preservation of the Winamac Cemetery spoke up during the Winamac Town Council meeting on Monday. Kim Russell approached the council and presented her concerns about the cemetery, which she says is the oldest cemetery in Pulaski County. She said the cemetery is where many of the town’s founding fathers and ancestors are buried and feels it is our job to defend and respect their final resting place.

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