Winamac Cemetery A Topic of Concern At Town Council Meeting

A Winamac resident came before the town council this week to discuss the state of the town cemetery. At Monday’s Town Council meeting, long-time resident Al Breyfogle shared a story about his son’s cemetery plot.

He explained that his son passed away in October last year and was buried in the Winamac Cemetery. Breyfogle explained that he was notified when the headstone came in and when he went to take a look at it, he was dismayed to find that the cemetery was not mowed.

Since he was expecting family members, he took it upon himself to mow the plot so it would be presentable and has continued to do so. He said he contacted town officials soon afterward and found out that the cemetery is only mowed six times a year.

He mentioned that he’s since looked into the facts and figures and realized the funds for cemetery maintenance are limited. However, he said he’s willing to help with fundraisers and other efforts to help improve the conditions there.

He told members, “It’s a part of the town, it’s a part of the heritage, it’s a part of the history and there’s a lot of people down there who gave a lot for this town to be where it’s at today and I just think we need to honor them a little bit better.”

Breyfogle also noted a number of positive attributes about the town and explained why he loves living in Winamac. He emphasized that he wasn’t there to be hostile and said that he wants to be a part of the solution.

Councilwoman Judy Heater informed him that a cemetery committee has been formed in order to address problems like the one he presented and others that have been brought to the council’s attention before. She explained that she’s in the process of scheduling a meeting for the committee and said she’d reach out to inform him about the details.

The information in this article was gathered from meeting minutes provided by Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger and audio from Town Manager Brad Zellers.