Recent Storm Causes Injury, Damage in Winamac Town Park

The Town of Winamac is cleaning up, after a recent storm caused significant tree damage.

During Thursday’s park board meeting, Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo reported that a large branch from an apparently-healthy tree fell on a man who was fishing with a group of people in the north end of the Town Park. A family member reportedly told town officials that his back was broken in three places, but he’s since been released from the hospital. Elsewhere in the park, another tree fell over entirely, snapping a board of a teeter-totter in the process, according to DeLorenzo.

Town manager and park board member Brad Zellers said the town’s insurance should cover all the damage. “They’ll pay for that tree that went down, and they’ll pay for the one in the back, probably, and that teeter-totter,” he said. “They’ll cover that all under one claim because we have a lot in the cemetery, and it kind of groups it all together.”

He said the teeter-totter will be removed and replaced with a new piece of playground equipment.