Winamac Town Manager Delivers Fireworks Update to Council Members

Winamac Town Manager Brad Zellers assured council members on Monday that the money for this year’s fireworks display has been raised and the location has been set.

He explained that the $5,500 for the contract charge with the fireworks company was raised. He added that the display will be held on the school grounds, to the southeast of the football field near the baseball diamond. Continue reading

Donations Still Needed for Winamac Fireworks Display, Location Change Discussed

Donations are still be collected for the Winamac Fireworks Display, as officials are still more than $2,800 away from their goal with the June deadline approaching.

Additionally, officials with the Town of Winamac are reassessing fireworks display plans, after the distributor alerted Town Manager Brad Zellers that the park will not be an acceptable location. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Considers Moving Fireworks Display Due to Debris Concerns

The location for the Town of Winamac’s fireworks display was discussed during Monday night’s town council meeting. Town Manager Brad Zellers explained that last year when the event was held at the school, there was an issue with the wind blowing debris onto cars at a neighboring dealership.

Town Council President Tom Murray added that since the school corporation will be conducting paving work this summer, they should have an alternate site planned anyway. He suggested moving the event back over to the big baseball diamond at the town park. Continue reading

Winamac Fireworks Display Donations Must Be Made at Clerk-Treasurer’s Office After Donation Collector Resigns

Winamac Town Council members were alerted of a major change that will be taking place with the collection of fireworks display donations when they met Monday night.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger provided members with a letter from Scott Roudebush where he announced that he will no longer be soliciting donations for the town’s fireworks display. Continue reading