Winamac Fireworks Display Donations Must Be Made at Clerk-Treasurer’s Office After Donation Collector Resigns

Winamac Town Council members were alerted of a major change that will be taking place with the collection of fireworks display donations when they met Monday night.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger provided members with a letter from Scott Roudebush where he announced that he will no longer be soliciting donations for the town’s fireworks display.

Roudebush told Clerk-Treasurer Berger that he will send the same letter to businesses and organizations that he has approached in the past to alert them of the change. The letter also includes that donations can still be made at the Winamac Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 120 W Main Street.

Berger initially said she would see that the announcement is also included on utility bills starting in May. However, council members suggested putting the alert on April bills in order to get the information out as soon as possible.

Additionally, members proposed putting an ad out in the paper so anybody who may be expecting Roudebush will know that he’s no longer collecting donations. The Council members also said they were very grateful to him for his years of assisting the town with donation collection.

On a related note, Town Attorney Justin Schramm added that while attending a meeting for the Kiwanis Club of Pulaski County, members indicated they would still be providing their annual $2,000 donation for the Town of Winamac’s fireworks display.