Winamac Businesses Oppose Closing Market Street for Outdoor Dining

The Town of Winamac will not be turning Market Street into an outdoor dining area. Tippy’s owner Sheila Jimenez brought the idea of closing off a portion of the street to traffic to the town council earlier this month. But during Tuesday’s special council meeting, Town Manager Brad Zellers said most of the neighbors are opposed.

“I have contacted some businesses and people that own the buildings,” Zellers said. “They do not want to see that, the ones I talked to. The beauty shop, they’re afraid of the parking, people getting to it. . . . I just don’t think it’s going to work.”

“I’ve had them contact me, too, and they do not want it,” Council President Tom Murray added.

In the end, council members agreed to leave Market Street as it is. Similar discussions have been taking place in many communities as restaurants try to serve more customers while still practicing social distancing.