North Judson-San Pierre School Board to Discuss the Future of the Marching Band Program

The North Judson-San Pierre Marching Band performs in an Invitational in October

A discussion of the marching band program is on the agenda for tonight’s North Judson-San Pierre School board meeting. The numbers have dropped to 14 which is not comparable to other schools the size of North Judson-San Pierre.

Superintendent Lynn Johnson told WKVI News yesterday that no decision has been made as to what to do with the program. She and the School Board looks forward to any positive input parents and the community have on this issue.

Questions include, “Should the program be discontinued?” “How do we increase the numbers to make the program viable?” and “How does a Corporation justify the cost for such low numbers?”

Interested patrons are encouraged to attend the School Board meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. CT in the Central Office Board Meeting Room.