Roberta Clemons and Jose Santiago, Jr. Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court

Roberta Clemons

Roberta Clemons was scheduled for jury trial on Wednesday in Starke Circuit Court, but instead, she plead guilty to all charges. There was no plea agreement. The potential jurors watched the defendant plead guilty and then they were free to leave the courtroom.

The Sentencing Hearing took place shortly thereafter. Judge Kim Hall sentenced Clemons to the maximum of three years on each of the three counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance, a Class D felony. The sentences will be served concurrently. She was ordered to participate in an intensive drug treatment program in the Indiana Department of Corrections. If she successfully completes the treatment program, she may petition the Court to modify her sentence.

Clemons had numerous felony and misdemeanor convictions on her record. She was fined the amount of $330.00, which is the amount that will be paid by the County to the jurors for reporting for jury service.

Jose Santiago, Jr.

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall sentenced Jose Santiago, Jr. on Wednesday.

Santiago had plead guilty the day before his jury trial was to commence to Dealing in Marijuana, a Class C felony, and Maintaining a Common Nuisance, a Class D felony. There was no plea agreement.

Judge Hall noted that Santiago had a lengthy criminal record and had recently served a prison sentence on a Battery conviction. Santiago was sentenced to seven years for Dealing in Marijuana and one year for Maintaining a Common Nuisance. If Santiago successfully completes an intensive drug treatment program in prison, he may petition the Court to modify his sentence.