Starke Circuit Court Judge Denies Donald Smith’s Plea, Returns to Jail

Donald Smith

After being released from jail on his own recognizance on April 20th, Donald Smith was given a plea and sentencing hearing Wednesday in Starke Circuit Court. His plea was not only denied, but in an unexpected turn of events, he was immediately returned to jail.

Smith is charged with Intimidation, a Class D Felony; Dealing Methamphetamine, a Class B Felony; Possession of Precursors with a Firearm, a Class C Felony; and Theft, a Class D Felony. His bond was originally set at $75,000 before he was released.

When a call was received on Wednesday, December 15th for a theft report, officers arrived on the scene to speak to the homeowner. They were told that the homeowner had been trying to evict her son, Donald Smith, for two weeks and she wanted him removed from the property. When they approached the camper Smith was staying in, he told them they if they did not retreat, he would kill them or himself.

When the court released Smith on April 20th, it was on a specific condition that he continues to take the medication he is prescribed for mental health issues he has been diagnosed with. Smith is currently prescribed medication for schizophrenia, but he admitted that he had not been taking it, and he stated that he has an appointment to find someone to monitor his medication.

The plea agreement requested a sentence to place the defendant on probation, with the requirement that he take his medication. Judge Kim Hall denied this request, and instead placed the defendant immediately into the custody of the jail, revoked his bond, and set his jury trial for June 29th, 2011.