Jury Trial Set for Jack Haut

Jack Haut

Jack Haut appeared in the Starke Circuit Court yesterday afternoon for a final status hearing, and his jury trial has been scheduled for July 20 at 9am. Haut is charged with Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Causing Death, and Reckless Homicide. Haut told the court that he plans to have six witnesses, and will provide the court with a list of these witnesses by Friday, July 1. The jury status hearing for this case is set for July 8 at 9am.

Niki Hochstedler

A dispute occurred during yesterday’s pre-trial motions over whether or not the prosecution should be allowed to phrase questions using the words “stab” or “knife” in the trial of Niki Hochstedler. The defendant’s attorney, Martin Bedrock, told Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall that because there was no weapon found and the victim told police he was punched and not stabbed, the prosecutor should not be allowed to ask witnesses what they saw.

The state disputed this request, saying that the injuries sustained by the victim are relevant to the charges. Judge Hall said that he can’t prohibit someone from saying “I saw the defendant stab the victim,” but he will take the request under advisement.

According to the Starke County Sheriff’s Department, Niki Hochstedler allegedly stabbed a male subject and keyed his motorcycle on July 9th, 2010, and is currently being charged with Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury and Possession of a Deadly Weapon.