Four New Directors Elected to BLPOA

Four new directors for the Bass Lake Property Owners’ Association (BLPOA) will be learning the ropes after they were elected Saturday. Joe Ippolito, Chris Nawaczyk, and Jack Stvan will be serving two year terms as directors for the BLPOA, and Ron Vendel will be serving a one year term as director.

A total of seven directors control BLPOA, along with four officers: Gene Novello, President; Larry Collura, Vice President; Pat Von Bampus, Secretary; and Earl McGuire, Treasurer. These individuals are in charge of handling the affairs of BLPOA, as well as sponsoring the Neighborhood Watch organization. Seven volunteers patrol the area, and members make donations that help support this program.

“The Bass Lake Homeowners’ Association consists of over 750 members who live at Bass Lake either full or part time, and we provide a lot of services, but the main one that we provide is garbage pickup,” said Von Bampus.

BLPOA works with Richard’s Disposal to handle the trash for Bass Lake, and they take care of receiving payments and other responsibilities.

“We’re very happy with all of this, we encourage anyone who comes to Bass Lake to get in touch with one of us. My name is Pat Von Bampus and I’m more than willing to give out my telephone number. It’s 772-6506,” Von Bampus said.

Elections were also held for the Bass Lake Conservancy District for their at-large position. Raymond Mix won the vote, 101-86 against Janet McMahon. The Bass Lake Conservancy District handles the sewers, pump, and the weeds at Bass Lake, and consists of five members, as well as an executive director.