Haven Ewing to Face Charges in Knox City Court; Circuit Court Charges Dismissed

Haven Ewing was to go on trial in Starke Circuit Court this week, but the Starke County Prosecutor has decided to dismiss the Burglary charges against him and file amended charges in Knox City Court.

Ewing was allegedly involved in burglary incidents in the Koontz Lake area in March of 2010. Two others involved in the incidents, Zachary and Ian Bastin, plead guilty to seven counts of Burglary and were sentenced to 15 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections on those counts last year.

Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff told WKVI that an agreement with four amended misdemeanor charges of Conversion and Criminal Mischief, two counts each, will be filed in Knox City Court. Bourff said he has consulted with the five different families affected in this case who feel the terms are acceptable.