Indiana Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Robert Corbin’s Case

Robert "Ryan" Corbin
Robert “Ryan” Corbin
Robert Corbin’s case is going to be heard before the Indiana Supreme Court.

According to Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff, Corbin was arrested in April 2012 on charges of Attempted Child Seduction, as a Class D felonies. It was alleged that a then-sixteen-year-old student had been receiving inappropriate Facebook messages from Corbin who at the time was a teacher at the Knox Community School Corporation.

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Mother and Son Going to Trial in Starke Circuit Court

Starke County Courthouse
Starke County Courthouse
Medaryville residents Michael Wireman and Sadie Wireman are headed to trial and it will be determined at a hearing on Oct. 30 whether or not the pair will be tried at the same time.

Both Michael Wireman and Sadie Wireman’s cases were set for change of plea and sentencing hearings in Starke Circuit Court Wednesday morning. The court received a letter from both of them stating that they would not be pleading guilty in plea agreements and would like to go to trial.

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Hearing Set For Monday In Case Against Connie Miller

The Attorney General filed a civil lawsuit against former North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller last week.

The lawsuit stems from a special report for the Town of North Judson filed by the State Board of Accounts earlier this year citing alleged financial discrepancies totaling $74,408.67 during the period of time between Jan. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2011. Miller was asked to reimburse the town for the alleged discrepancies.

Miller, in a letter to the state board of accounts, wrote that she “strenuously objected to any allegations or suggestions” that she had “done any wrong for personal gain.” She also wrote that she was confident that the discrepancies set out in the report can be rectified.

Plea Deadline for Stacie Brown Extended

Stacie Brown

The case against Stacie Brown continues with a plea deadline extension that was accepted by the Starke Circuit Court. Judge Kim Hall granted an extension to December 1st at 8:00 a.m. to allow Brown’s attorney, Timothy Lemon, to finish the discovery of the case and speak to some of the state’s witnesses. Lemon says the discovery is going well, but because expert witnesses are involved, he would like more time in order to speak to each of them.

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Starke County Prosecutor Given Permission to Hire Intern

The Starke County Council has given permission to Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff to hire a part-time intern.  Autumn Ferch is being considered for the position.  She is currently a law school graduate waiting to pass the bar exam.

When hired, Autumn Ferch will be assigned to meet with defendants, prepare files, do preliminary case work, and work closely with the child support office.

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Haven Ewing to Face Charges in Knox City Court; Circuit Court Charges Dismissed

Haven Ewing was to go on trial in Starke Circuit Court this week, but the Starke County Prosecutor has decided to dismiss the Burglary charges against him and file amended charges in Knox City Court.

Ewing was allegedly involved in burglary incidents in the Koontz Lake area in March of 2010. Two others involved in the incidents, Zachary and Ian Bastin, plead guilty to seven counts of Burglary and were sentenced to 15 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections on those counts last year.

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New Starke County Prosecutor Talks about Upcoming Cases

Nicholas Bourff

Nicholas Bourff is the new Starke County Prosecutor, taking over from Julianne Havens. Ted Hayes sat down with Bourff last week and talked to him about a number of topics. In the interview, Bourff announced his staff including his First Deputy, Todd Wallsmith.

One of the questions Ted asked Bourff was what he will do with cases that are active, been filed by the former prosecutor, but have not been adjudicated.

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Starke County Democrats are Sworn into Office

Marvin McLaughlin and Kenny Wallace

The Starke County Democrat swearing in ceremony was held Thursday night at the Knox Community Center. Former Starke County Circuit Court Judge Marvin McLaughlin swore in the various county and township elected officials. Following the event, friends and family of the candidates enjoyed refreshments.

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New Starke County Prosecutor Announces His Staff

Nicholas Bourff

The new Starke County Prosecutor will begin his duties in the office January 1st.

“The majority of the staff that is already there will remain there,” explained Nicholas Bourff, Starke County’s newly elected Prosecutor. “I think it’s important to maintain continuity in that office, especially since I’m new at it. The women in the Child Support office have been there for a while, they know that office much, much better than I do and I think it’s important to keep that.”

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Newly Elected Starke County Officials to go through Orientation

Starke County Courthouse

Orientation for newly elected officials in Starke County will be held Tuesday, December 21st, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. A tentative agenda will be emailed to all existing department heads who are invited to attend.

New Council members are David Pearman, Mitchell Semans, Anthony Radkiewicz, and Marvin McLaughlin.  They will be going into office after January 1st.  Also invited to attend is newly elected Prosecutor, Nicholas Bourff.