Nelson Chosen as NIPSCO Manager of Public Affairs

Starke United Executive Director Julie Dessauer and NIPSCO Manager of Public Affairs Angela Nelson

NIPSCO has a new Manager of Public Affairs in northern Indiana. Angela Nelson replaces Mike Charbonneau in that position, and she attended the Starke United Radio Auction last week, where WKVI’s Ted Hayes took the opportunity to interview her.

Nelson, who has been on the job for four months, told WKVI a little bit about herself.

“I’m finishing up my term on the city council in Michigan City, so I’m doing that, and I’m a part-time law student. I have two daughters, one is a senior at Marquette Catholic, and I have a ten-year-old daughter,” Nelson said.

Nelson said this is the beginning of the winter heating season, and NIPSCO provides programs for low income families.

“Well right now we’re starting our winter heating season and we’re working on it and figuring out how we’re going to provide assistance to those families in need. Right now we know, more than ever, people are in that situation so a lot of the local agencies right now are in their energy ‘help mode’ and we’re just looking for ways to help our customers pay their bills through the winter,” she said.

Nelson was asked how a low income family could become part of the winter season program.

“There are several different agencies in each county, and you can also go to our NIPSCO website. It’s for people under 200% poverty level, and they can go in and they sign up and we have a couple of different programs that people fall into,” said Nelson.

Nelson said the entire NIPSCO family, including employees have been involved in holiday giving this year.

“We try our best to make sure we do that and we just wrapped up our food bank drive and our Toys for Tots yesterday, so, we did over $16,000 for that with our employees, so we’re thankful to our employees who donate their time and their money,” Nelson said.