Demotte State Bank Warns Customers of Scam

The Indiana State Police received complaints today regarding a fraud alert from Demotte State Bank. According to a press release, the bank’s name is being used in a “phishing scam” to gain information from unsuspecting victims.

Northwest Indiana residents, especially those with Verizon telephone numbers, are receiving an automated message using a woman’s voice that their debit or credit card has been compromised. She then asks you to verify your account number and other information by having you go through a series of automated prompting questions. The numbers that will show up on your phone or caller ID are from out of state.

This is a phishing exploit to trick people into revealing personal and confidential information. Do not respond to any requests or give them any information. The scammers will likely use this information to withdraw money from your account or obtain credit in your name.

Demotte State Bank DOES NOT contact their customers in this matter. If you have given account or other personal information please contact Demotte State Bank and your local law enforcement immediately.